This got big laughs in Berlin (despite the description of Europe)


world accordign to USAHat tip Prieur!


Not to be confused with Saul Steinberg’s  New Yorker cover (March 29, 1976) “View of the World from 9th Avenue.”

New Yorker's View of the World

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61 Responses to “The World According to Americans”

  1. Thor says:

    Cute – although several years old. I sure hope they’re not THAT behind the times in the EU ;-)

  2. call me ahab says:

    LMAO :D

  3. keithpiccirillo says:

    Ethnocentrism has always been fashionable among the uneducated.

  4. awilensky says:

    I look at that map, and I am watching the New Hour about India, where they are , their lack of National Debt., their investment in higher education for an increasing portion of the populace, and trade education for the middle and lower classes.

    That was America in the 1950′s, indeed the post WWII USA was a place where able bodied working class folks could send their kids to a decent college. If these recipient’s of the GI bill didn’t have a degree or formal trade, many companies invested in their workforces, via on the job training, and long term retention.

    Now all gone. The money that was prebailout squandered on wars, pork, confiscatory taxes, and graft. Post bailout, the money that was given to Goldman and the ilk, could have reformed a nation with free university education to the deserving, and trade school upgrades for a ner generation of machinists, technicians, etc.

    I want to say something that could get me arrested. TAX REVOLT IN 2010 and STOP PAYING CREDIT CARD BILLS NOW>

  5. mathman says:

    @ awilensky: i’ve been wondering why we keep this charade going with our tax money when we have every right to STOP as a means of protest against this corporate take-over of “our” government, and how long it will take before mainstream America wakes up to this same conclusion. Especially with all the foreclosures and losses in our pensions and 401K’s, what do people think they have to lose?

  6. Chuck Ponzi says:


    2 problems with your “revolt”.

    1. Most people here need to pay taxes. Sucks, but we still have to unless we like to go to jail.
    2. Most people here have no credit card debt. That’s a sucker’s bet. Most of “those people” don’t care about tax revolt because they haven’t got enough money to even pay off their debts.

    I don’t think you’ll find too many people interested in both who actually read a financial blog.

    What do I know?

  7. Mannwich says:

    @CNBC: I just think people are tired. Worn out and getting on with our lives. Many of us are well into the “acceptance” phase at this point. Time to move on.

  8. Anatolie says:

    Nice map! It looks like it’s an updated version of the original –

  9. VennData says:

    Map is hilarious.

    As is awilensky who wants ’50′s America via tax revolt. Dude? You one of Glenn Beck logicians? And let me guess, you’re not loading up on Treasuries at the moment, am I right?

  10. Pat G. says:

    @ Mannwhich

    I think it’s more than that. Someone had the opportunity to go to DC and speak for all of us but figured that it would be a great waste of their time. Perhaps, but that person lost a lot of credibility by not going and representing us. Since then, I have noticed the absence of many former posters. I think CNBC Sucks is right on.


    BR: I doubt it. It would have been an exercise in teaching a pig to sing (wastes your time, and annoys the pig).

    Regardless, as I noted in that post, they called me with little notice when I had a prior commitment that I could not break.

  11. MikeG says:

    Our ‘Uninhabited’ neighbor to the north should be labelled, ‘America’s Hat’ –

  12. call me ahab says:


    you are soooo cool- man- you’re probably sitting in your cool chaise lounge w/ your cool “bought ‘em at Saks” loafers- wearing the cool Euro trash eye glasses- thinking all your cool thoughts about all the buffoonish Americans that don’t see things your way-

    ’cause you know- you have it all figured out- so trendy- so hip- all enlightened-

    but personally- I think you’re a dick

  13. Thor says:

    MikeG – love it! Although I think our northern neighbors would like this one better :-)

  14. CNBC Sucks says:

    ahab, lol.

    VennData – I recall awilensky has visited my blog a time or two and I don’t think he is a “Glenn Beck logician”.

    @ Pat G.

    I wasn’t even thinking of the DC bit, but if Ritholtz has an axe to grind with America, then he should take it on. If he cares enough about America, then he has the means to create change. I personally have an escape route to Europe so I am focused on looking out for #1, like a real American! ;)

  15. CNBC Sucks says:


    Ritholtz, what is going on with your blog? The comments are getting fewer. There seems to be less fervor and passion in the comments section.

    It appears to The Great CNBC Sucks that you either say what is really on your mind, stand for what you really want to change in this country, and go for the gusto, or try to stay mostly apolitical like our Sigma Nu blogger friend, Andy. Or, being resigned to whatever common destiny awaits us, retire like The Great CNBC Sucks.

    If you want to influence the culture, you have the means to go on the crusade. If you think America has devolved into nothing but Ayn Rand Assholes and Wal-Mart Creatures (, then write a different book, get on TV and talk about grander topics beyond the curly-cues of an asset price chart.

    Oh, wait, there is already James Kunstler.


    BR: Dunno, but I have 2 theories:

    RSS traffic is now equal to or greater than blog traffic — its ~70k per day, double from a few months ago. That could have something to do with it.

    The Rand post generated 200 comments, this mornings USSA had 70 comments, the Legalizing and Taxing Marijuana had 67 comments, the Fortune cookie over 100.

    I moved to a closed comment system with the upgrade to Word Press, and while it cut down on the casual commenters, it eliminated 66% of the trolls and 99% of the spam . . .

  16. Mannwich says:

    @Pat G: Perhaps, but I also know that you’ll find many former regulars spending most of their time on another blog these days.

  17. bsneath says:

    The site meter read 51 million and change. I think BR is doing OK. I certainly wouldn’t want to be him and have to feed the animal a half dozen times a day.

  18. CNBC Sucks says:

    Mannwich rather furtively wrote: “Perhaps, but I also know that you’ll find many former regulars spending most of their time on another blog these days.”

    Uhhh, if you didn’t already know about the Sigma Nu blog, don’t come looking for it.

    Mannwich, I will have to tell Andy about your…indiscretion.

  19. Mannwich says:

    @CNBC: I didn’t name the blog. You did.

  20. Ventura2012 says:

    I am sure alot of the formers are over at zerohedge seems that blog is taking over as the number one blog…

  21. CNBC Sucks says:

    @ Mannwich: Ooops.

    I better stick to MNF. The Texans started off hot, so that is not a good sign for me. Hope it turns around big-time.

  22. Mannwich says:

    @CNBC: I think we’re all rooting for you to beat 40 year old Vikings in TBP FFL. Somebody has to beat him, right?

  23. bergsten says:

    MNF, huh?

    The bad news: My wife is watching Dancing With the Stars
    The good news: She’s watching it about 2,500 miles away from me.

  24. bergsten says:

    Notice that the “New Yorker” issue price went from 75 cents to 4.99, or 667% in about 30 years?

  25. Zero Hedge has some real good stuff on it . . . Tyler has definitely broken news, and their Goldman coverage has been top notch. (tho not everything there is my cup of tea)

    There are plenty of differences between the two blogs, but the biggest is: That was set up (as a business) by a former Wall Streeter, and this one is not run as a business by a current Wall Streeter.

    I say what I want, cover what interests me, and don’t care about advertisers or sponsors. If that attracts or loses readers, so be it.

  26. call me ahab says:


    i prefer the dialog at TBP versus ZH- although i post there on occasion

    manny -

    re Andy’s blog-

    all the trading chatter is cool- but i’d much rather have another much needed sell off to some decent lows- invest accordingly and push on-

    all the TA talk- i don’t know- i think there is so much slop going on w/ government intervention and collusion w/ the market makers that it’s a fools game to try and beat the largest players at their own game-

    kudos to BR though- dude coolly and calmly (?) went long when all the news was- the world as we knew it was going to end-

    pisses me off though to watch the run-up on weakness not strength- straight up speculation

  27. Thor says:

    “I am sure alot of the formers are over at zerohedge”

    How insulting

  28. Mannwich says:

    @ahab: I agree. I think that with all the gov’t intervention we can throw out many of the tools that was deemed useful in the past. I also think that there are simply more lurkers at BR’s blog at this point and the comments will increase again when the next big let down in the market ensues. Why even bother wasting energy repeating the same stuff until something different happens? BR’s blog is still among the best, if not the best.

  29. jdjed says:

    Gotta love the call me ahab/VennData smackdowns. Perhaps we could have a little MMA cage fight to settle it? Maybe the Great CNBC Sucks could provide the bikini babes to strut between rounds???

  30. Adult Franklin411 says:

    CNBC Sucks might be able to swing some cardboard cutouts of bikini babes … lol

    Anybody see the Chris Matthews interview with Bishop Tobin? Intense. A little theocracy will cook this goose once and for all. Pay a tithe instead of taxes. Good times, good times.

  31. Greg0658 says:

    I gota chuckle outa t-shirt site :-) lots of cool Ts … and back on topic .. in JoJo style

    I’m still trolling around .. I see lots of stuff in the main stream that I see floated here ..
    where did I see wash rinse repeat over the weekend? …
    baby steps is the only thing that is going to happen .. unless that 2nd T takes hold

  32. MRegan says:

    Right on, Ritzy!

    There are trends and fads and whims, all these things change with the wind, but that thing which motivates your interests will remain constant.

    As for Mr. Sucks, curse you and that damnéd peopleofwalmart site- it is the bane of my existence!

  33. CNBC Sucks says:

    I wasn’t complaining about Ritholtz; I was complaining about you guys! :P

    Cardboard cutouts of bikini babes? Why? Just stay virtual and visit my blog.

    Curse that LenDale White for vulturing that TD from CJ…

  34. Adult Franklin411 says:

    Ritholtz, what is going on with your blog? The comments are getting fewer.

    Asian splogs are stealing his content and diverting traffic. Google hates Barry for bashing AdSense so they’re not taking them down. :-)

  35. alfred e says:

    If there is a decrease in bloggers it’s probably a combination of things.

    CNBCSucks made a lot of good points.

    For me it’s the boiling frog/frustration syndrome.

    Those of us that had some heat and fervor back when the outcome certainly seemed a lot more in doubt, and we felt it was worth talking up, have relaxed back into the water.

    Why fight it?

    At least til the mid-term elections. Or the next crisis opportunity.

    Let BS Obama tour the world and take his lady to dinner at our expense. And GS take the reins of BanaNamerica.

    I don’t particularly care to be waterboarded as a terrorist.

  36. David Merkel says:

    “I say what I want, cover what interests me, and don’t care about advertisers or sponsors. If that attracts or loses readers, so be it.”

    I agree, Barry. Let’s speak our minds and do our best for readers. My philosophy too.

  37. bman says:

    Schismatics, and cataclysmatics! Wow. We should all subscribe to a cooking blog, that way we can all sit around discussing the proper and most fit way to roast a fine fat Wall Stree, err pig.

    Franklin I’ll reiterate an earlier sentiment: seperate political news from sports news, religion from politics, or prepare to start feeding christians to lions.

  38. bergsten says:

    Well, as long as we are all worried about TBP’s future, here’s an irrelevant comparison:

    Two financial-oriented sites did posts today about the “Ben Bailout” iPhone game. TBP posted at 11 am EST, the other at (I’m guessing) around 4pm (no timestamps on the articles, one has to go by the time of the first comment).

    TBP got nine comments, and to be generous, maybe six actually had some relationship to the article (for example, “hysterical” might describe the article, or simply the state of the commenter).

    The other site got eleven comments, NONE of which related to the article (this was kind of like being in a bar with the TV turned on — everybody was exposed to the show, but nobody was paying it any attention).

    I think we have to go into overtime to sort this one out.

    BTW, ZH hasn’t done an article on this yet — they are too busy scanning in the documents proving that GS, the Treasury, the Fed, and the Pope tried to coerce Apple into not publishing it.

  39. dasht says:

    I don’t get it. That’s a decent map. What’s so funny?

  40. Spitzer says:

    The «reliable ally», that spot north west of europe, is missing.

  41. Scott F says:

    I read a ton of other blogs — Zero hedge, Credit Writedowns, Cassandra Does Tokyo, baseline Scenarios, Naked Capitalism, etc.

    Those are great for information, but never made me a dime.

    BR has made me money — got me out before the collapse, back in as the rally began.

    If you were really smart, you would post your Amazon Wishlist and you will find some niceties in your holiday stocking.


    BR: I’ll ask the programmers about doing that

  42. Heh heh

    BTW, was that NICITIES or NICE TIES?

  43. Scott F says:

    Damned Spellchecker

  44. Here is the Wish list link:

    I’ll have it embedded on the site . . .

  45. patfla says:

    Back to the graphic. I’m not sure it’s all that much off the mark as regards the sophistication with which supposedly sophisticated Europeans see the US.

    Lived in both Europe (Paris 2 years) and Japan (Tokyo 6 years). If there’s anything more ignorant than American’s view of the rest of the world, it’s the rest of the world’s view of America.

    Although, while Americans view of the ROW consists of sins of omission (ignorance), as concerns non-Ams looking at the US it’s more sins of commission. Thanks in part to such things as Hollywood. Or various ideologies whose point, sometimes one thinks, is as much a matter of defining themselves vis-a-vis (against) the US as for any other reason.

    This is a danger of being the hegemon. I, for one, wouldn’t mind losing that role – indeed, how did we get there (if in fact we did) in the first place? Geographic determinism I suppose. Although there was also a large measure of human talent. Not to mention a large, resource-rich continent to steal from its original inhabitants (which might be a form of geographic determinism). Mark Twain said something to the effect of: “I don’t think there’s any place in the world that isn’t stolen.”

  46. Maverick1 says:


    719 items on your wish list?

    And one of them isn’t the Hickory Farms Gift Basket (including the beef stick!)


    BR: Its just a file cabinet — I think people who read this know what I like and want. (Stuff like this, or this.

    If I really made you some money, than this or THIS!

  47. batmando says:

    n. pl. ni·ce·ties
    1. The quality of showing or requiring careful, precise treatment: the nicety of a diplomatic exchange.
    2. Delicacy of character or feeling; fastidiousness; scrupulousness.
    3. A fine point, small detail, or subtle distinction: the niceties of etiquette.
    4. An elegant or refined feature; an amenity: the niceties of civilized life.

    but “NICITIES”?

  48. Adult Franklin411 says:

    ny cities?

  49. DiggidyDan says:


    For some reason shrooming is not one of the hobbies i’d like to find out my financial advisor/manager is into.

  50. Greg0658 says:

    29 pages of stuff :-)
    I counted 4 things in the 1st 10p I could regift ….
    the euroguy who gave us all free site analytics (via my website provider) did a similar list .. hmm

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  55. gansvv says:

    il est parfait !

  56. Rrrapture says:

    @Chuck Ponzi,
    I care about points 1 and 2. I’m in fairly deep credit card and student loan debt, I am indeed visiting–dare I write, reading–this blog, and I’m not now, nor have I ever been, a sucker.

    I also don’t have some of the privileges that you, in such blissful ignorance, enjoy. Since you might be a nice guy, I’ll stop at that.

    @ Awilensky,
    Thank you for voicing the wish for revolution. A complete change in paradigm is in order. Revolution is inadequate.


  57. Navie says:

    Nice, now all we need to do is make one entitled “The world according to the British” in which all other countries are labeled only as “place to go on holiday and ruin UK reputation abroad with arrogance and binge drinking.”