Interesting stuff:

China’s Blunt Talk for Obama (WSJ)

China Faces Asset-Bubble Risk, PBOC Adviser Fan Says (Bloomberg)

China vs United States by the Numbers (NYT)

Riding on China’s coat-tails (Business Spectator)

Hong Kong to U.S: Please Don’t Blow our Bubbles (Real Time Economics)

The Tokyo Hot List: 20 people to watch (Tokyo)

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31 Responses to “Wednesday Reading (Asia Edition)”

  1. HarryWanger says:

    May we add this to the Asian edition: Nikkei at 6-wk closing low amid capital-raising rush.

    * Nikkei hits 6-week closing low, Topix at 6-mth closing low

    * JAL falls below 100, lowest since 2002 re-listing

    * Fund-raising worries weigh market

    They should drink from our euphoric Kool Aid pitcher for a while. This is unacceptable!

  2. Greg0658 says:

    Asia .. when all my dime dancing is thru .. I come to yoouuuu

  3. MRegan says:

    Is this what you’re looking for?

  4. Lil Leg Humper says:

    Martin Wolf: Grim truths Obama should have told Hu

    with excellent chart porn

  5. MRegan says:

    Brazil to Tax ADRs of Brazil Companies, Mantega Says

    Does this presage capital moving to Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Kamchatka?!?

    Mobius Expects 40% BRIC Stocks Gain, Says Buy on Dips

    “Mobius was attending a conference in Istanbul where Templeton and Akbank TAS, the Turkish bank part-owned by Citigroup Inc., said today they are offering a fund covering BRIC nations to Turkish investors. ” How do you say “bagholder” in Turkish?

    Gerdau Sells $1.25 Billion of 10-Year Bonds in Overseas Markets

    “The bonds yield 7.25 percent, according to the person, who declined to be identified because he’s not allowed to speak publicly. HSBC Holdings Plc, Banco Santander SA, Banco Itau, Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. arranged the offering, the person said. ” Bankers to the rescue!

  6. Theodore D. says:

    This may be from last week but it is the first I am seeing of it. Please run with this….

  7. Mike in Nola says:

    Rather funny about Hong Kong accusing the US of blowing a bubble when the air is coming from the mainland, but I guess they aren’t allowed to say that since the takeover even though it is obviously easier for money to flow from the mainland than all the way across the Pacific.

    NPR had a quote Monday:

    Zhao Ziying is visiting from Hong Kong and has just spent $600 on a blue Prada bag she can’t find back home.

    Zhao says mainlanders are flooding Hong Kong with money.

    “The Chinese people, they come and buy everything, even apartments,” she says. “Have you heard? Seventy-thousand Hong Kong dollars per square foot. Unimaginable!”

    That’s $9,000 a square foot.

    But Zhao is skeptical about all that spending. She thinks most of it is driven by the government stimulus program.

    “Otherwise,” she says, laughing, “they’ve got a machine back home printing money.”

  8. bsneath says:

    * The key challenge for China over the next five to ten years will be restructuring the financial sector so that capital allocation becomes more efficient and lays the groundwork for consumption-led growth.

    They want to know about efficient capital? All they gotta do is visit Wall Street. Lloyd and his pals will show them efficient capital……

  9. call me ahab says:

    Theodore D-

    thanks for the link-

    everyone is on the take- regardless of the effect on the economy or their own countrymen

  10. Stillaway says:

    From the article “Riding on China’s coat-tails”:

    “Right now, China’s financial system is essentially the banks which are all owned by the state. Ninety per cent of corporate external finance comes from the banking system. The banks are very politically influenced and so they are not able to allocate capital very effectively…”

    Just the opposite of the US where the political system is influenced by the banks and is unable to allocate taxpayer money effectively.

  11. CNBC Sucks says:

    Ritholtz, I promised myself and others that I would remain a member of your massive silent audience, but last night’s China hullabaloo on your blog made me chuckle. And I had to post a US-China comparison that seldom ever gets mentioned ANYWHERE:

    US military budget: $680 billion (a reduction considered an Obama victory over defense lobbysts):

    China military budget: $70.3 billion

    Everytime you bring up China, Ritholtz, the peeps go nuts because they (consciously or unconsciously) regard China as a major threat to the United States, even as we oh-so-happily outspend the Chinese on guns, knives, and other means to kill people by a TEN-TO-ONE MARGIN.

    The reality is that the biggest threat to Americans are…Americans.

    And I know, Ritholtz, that your “Libertarian leaning” peeps will jibber-jabber, jibber-jabber all day and all night about American freedom and how precious and unique that is and how freedom will save us all from those damned Chinese and all our OTHER problems. Unfortunately, all the freedom in the world is not worth one pail of shit if that freedom becomes nothing but a license to abbrogate respect for and responsibility to ourselves, the people around us, and society in general. If freedom means diligently inventing the light bulb, saving the Jews of Europe, or sending a man to the moon, then by God, freedom will not only save us but guarantee our position as the greatest nation on this planet into eternity. But if, as I am seeing (, freedom means focusing on emo or indie, getting tattoos, becoming obese, degenerating into FWB sex, being incurious or arrogant or lazy or ignorant or otherwise just a drain on the world’s precious oxygen supply, then freedom is not much of an asset at all.

    OK, I will back off on the FWB sex.

  12. CNBC Sucks says:

    One thing America can do immediately that would be helpful is for freaking WordPress to fix how it handles links in comments…

  13. kmckellop says:

    Looks like Hu’s on first… what’s on second… you don’t wanta know bout third… fa getta bout it.

    Looks like Humpy Dumpy may have a great fall soon.

  14. Thor says:

    People of walmart – LOVE that sight! And CNBC, you know how much I miss you when you go away. Why oh why do you deny me so?

  15. bsneath says:

    Googled FWB and got:

    Free Will Baptist
    Fort Walton Beach
    Frankfurter Wertpapier Börse
    Flight Weather Briefer
    Facilitators Without Borders
    Far West Bank

    Somehow none of them seem to fit.

  16. Thor says:

    Friends With Benefits

  17. CNBC Sucks says:

    @ bsneath

    I like your diligence on the Google search. One thing we must all remember, guys (and I do mean guys): Every minute spent commenting on the Ritholtz blog is a minute not spent having FWB sex.

    @ Thor

    Hey buddy, you are so sweet for a dude with biceps. I hope you took note that I was not criticizing you with regard to last night’s thread. In fact, you made terrific points and I think, since this thread ( ), we agree that China is overhyped in both positive and negative aspects. In any case, you are a good friend on this blog and elsewhere online, such as when you so kindly tried to fetch cvienne from Andy’s Sigma Nu blog to approve my FF trade.

    PS: I am glad to not have to face Ronnie Brown in FF this weekend, but I feel bad about him going on IR (out for the season). Brown really made the Wildcat fun to watch. Get well, Ronnie Brown.

  18. call me ahab says:

    gee- i wonder if Miami will be running Ricky Williams more-

    hmmm . . . .

    my prediction 4 game sweep and into the Ritholtz playoffs

  19. alfred e says:

    @CNBCS: Wow. That’s a lot of military spending difference. Kind of makes us look either even more stupid or more corrupt.

    More corrupt than China? What exactly did BSO accomplish? Sealing some deals with the dealers? Behind the curtain?

    So this is what’s coming out with time. LOts of AIG TARP money went to foreign banks. DUH.

    Lots of free money from the fed is winding up juicing Asian markets and the Asians are pissed about it. I’d be pissed too. Your tax dollars at work. Try getting 7%. But GS and JPM just keep sailing along.

    Is that White House bed really big enough?

  20. Mike in Nola says:

    New post by Michael Pettis. General theme is most don’t get it, including the Chinese and there’s a long row to hoe.

    Recent comments by Hugh Hendry point out the box the Chinese have gotten themselves into. See Part 3 of the videos here:

  21. rustum says:

    PuffHo’s interview.
    Now, every one is understanding squid cheated in AIG bail out. Looks like Oracle might blood his 2 advisers and may be one from wall street to win back some voters by elections.

  22. Greg0658 says:

    MRegan ya that was what came to mind with yesterdays header text .. nice video compilation – thanks for the link .. as soon as I went to the shelves I realized that I mispelled Aja .. good album .. when Josie comes home – we’ll break out the hats and hooters …. it has a preminition content to it .. ie 1977 .. is that when we saw the $ light?

    I logged in this am to comment on $ stuff too .. the NYT graphic on China/US changes
    Billionaires 2 in 2000 and 79 now in 2009 … was wondering what the change in Billionaires here on the USA shores are /
    or are mostly the same players just doing better?
    “Save Money Live Better”
    offshore those dirty factories .. song and dance .. tour & play golf … Peg it’ll come back to you

  23. Greg0658 says:

    Chinas Cord/Blood rings open the left side exchange .. logo looks like a stem cell engineering platform??
    what ya think Bible/Torah/Quran/$ Thumpers?

  24. Greg0658 says:

    stayed in watching the boob-tube today .. already paid for entertainment so ..
    on China and this bubble .. as a com’ist country / isn’t nationalization a possibility if need be .. and doesn’t that fit TBP saying if you owe the bank $10K its your problem / if you owe the bank $10T its the banks problem .. meaning the investment in China and that trade imbalance / the ROI in a nationalization .. central banks wipeout each others debts? whose the winner?

    earlier yelled at tube “need to read up on Germanys rise of fas’ism” … I like this one “control of the government is the best path to prosperity” .. come on Larry its catchy and hits the mark

    a new one “free-market-cap’ism is doomed .. doooommmmed” .. in this politically correct world .. greatest military in the world .. so what .. have the MIC bomb China because they upended the “Monopoly” board / or is it “Risk”?