Regular readers might notice that Charlie Rose video links have become less common.

The reason is that the site disabled embedding. But its more than that — the entire CRS site has become far less functional — Firefox wont play video, the calendar seems to glitch out on me when I can even find it. And half the time, the drop down links refuse to work.

Is it just me, or have they somehow made the dite less useful?

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15 Responses to “Why Has the Charlie Rose Show Messed Up Its Website?”

  1. Transor Z says:

    I think it’s just you, Barry. I was just able to confirm that Ken Burns has been on Charlie Rose 10 times and Jessica Biel and Giselle Bundschen a combined ZERO times. That’s all you need to know about Charlie Rose.

    Warren Buffet? 14 times.

    My Firefox is playing “An Hour with Don Rickles” just fine:

    Maybe your real issue is that Charlie Rose is now the James Lipton of newsmaker interviewers, minus the stack of blue cards.

  2. APB says:

    I have made many attempts to watch the Volker interview, and it has failed me.

  3. CTX says:

    Barry, just wanted to say I picked up a copy of your book from my local library, it is written quite well- it seems you may have taken a few literature courses in college

  4. quiddity says:

    I stopped visiting that site a couple of months ago. What’s with the black background and narrow-font white text? I can watch stuff w/FireFox (on a Linux OS), but navigating the site is difficult. Also, the guest list hasn’t been impressive for a while. I used to check in on Rose a lot in the past, but now rarely do (either on the web or television).

  5. dblwyo says:

    Not just you in my experience. Wrote the sysadmin a couple of months ago and they’re migrating servers. BtW they’ve also had to cut staff. They made a major change in the last three weeks or so and went to a completely new structure as well where you have to go to the site and scroll the immediate archives.

    The only good news is that it is playing in FF for me.

    The bad news is that one gets what one pays for and this is still “free” and under-funded so…

  6. jock says:

    Am I the only one surprised? Am I the only one who wonders why New York can’t find a better interviewer? He talks all over his guests. He’s always paraphrasing and leading what they say, instead of just bringing out the guest. Terry Gross deserves a promotion …

  7. VennData says:

    They messed it up. I never visit anymore.

  8. DuchessGateau says:

    Yes, they used to have the clips in chronological order, and now they “feature” certain interviews prominently. Probably the most popular ones, but it feels like they are selling instead of informing. Pushing a product, or a policy. Charlie Rose is great, but who can stand to see him gushing over Tim Geithner with trillions going to the banks?

  9. WiseSnake says:

    I am a Charlie Rose addict but I must admit I don’t like the new site nor the fact that he enjoys so much the companyt of his “elite” guests. I guess there is no other way of doing what he is doing (otherwise the elite would not show up) but when the world crumbles because of these very people the tone has to change at least a little to remain credible. I’m afraid the tone did not change. (He’s working for bbg, after all… What can we expect given who bloomberg’s clients are?)

  10. nathanbutnet says:

    Many of the changes, including the new table, seem to have something to do with his now being on Bloomberg as well.

  11. philipat says:

    Barry, yes you are correct. I wanted to watch a video last week and could never find it so I gave up. Altough the video was several weeks old, it was not in the archive or any of the current lists.

  12. I was a frequent visitor to Charlie’s site. No longer for all the same reasons.

    Talk about screwing up a good thing …

  13. It’s been a mess for awhile now and they keep changing it without improving it. For some reason stuck with Google video instead of porting to YouTube. I thought they were doing that now as the video has until lately been asking you to redirect. I love being able to ignore it for a week or so and then find an interesting one to watch. Why there is not a page with the last 30 shows and a synopsis of the conversation and the guest I can’t figure out. They are still wed to the idea that someone is going to like last nights show and want to find it on a calendar layout, tv thinking, not Internet thinking. They also just started advertising the show on the preroll of the Bloomberg Survelience podcast too. Part of the Bloomberg deal, but soon it will get sorted and I will be able to watch it on the phone.

  14. bogwad_seigneur (the smelly one) says:

    A bit late to this thread, but I just took a look at the specific complaint.
    If you need to embed the video, you need to bang on “view full interview” then click on “share” which exposes:

    a link to the interview
    embedding code for your website or blog
    email dialog to send it to a hundred couple of you closest friends

    The site is under some form of redevelopment, but that dialog (AFAIK) is always available.