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2 Responses to “Barclays Unintended Irony”

  1. Jo says:

    Donno if you spotted the last frame:

    Bank On Substance……….add an ‘ing’ and an ‘s’ and you got a whole new irony.

  2. Simon says:

    This is such a classic add. We now KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt how INSUBSTANTIAL the world of finance is. The whole point of banks housing themselves in grand classic Latin architecture structures was to misdirect the public into thinking that they were terribly safe, conservative and durable institutions.

    The last thing they want is the public to pay full cognizance to the fact that they exist at the sufferance of their depositors, are allowed to lend ten times as much as they have on deposit, in doing so creating new money out of thin air and will happily give the money to any fool esp. if they can play pass the parcel profitably today, forget about tomorrow.

    If only my career advisor had explained all this to me properly.