People like Bernie Sanders want to pull down the Fed’s pantaloons to look at its fiscal naughty parts. (05:32)

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Fed’s Dead
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34 Responses to “Stephen Colbert: Fed’s Dead”

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  2. CNBC Sucks says:

    Ritholtz, I hate to break it to you, but I shut off this video about a third of the way through. None of this stuff is funny anymore. Yeah, call me Scrooge, but we have some major problems in this country and we better figure out a way to address these problems instead of laughing, eating, or distracting ourselves through them.

    I am in a bad mood because the Senate is talking about moving forward with a healthcare bill without a public option. To be honest, I would prefer NO healthcare bill at all if we have no public option. We always arrive at stupid, unwieldy, costly, inefficient, ineffectual, watered-down compromises in our public policies, because we want to be Soc**lists without appearing to be Soc**lists. We create Rube Goldberg approaches to our massive government subsidies and intervention because we want to maintain the illusion that we are free-market capitalists. This just sucks.

    Bah, humbug.

  3. Dogfish says:

    CNBC Sucks,

    But inefficient and ineffectual public programs is where the profit opportunities for our private corporations comes from!

    If we let public programs be efficient and effectual, then our lobbyists wouldn’t be doing their job right.

    Plus, then we couldn’t decry how government doesn’t work.

  4. Oh, NOW you go and get serious.

    After a year of nonsense comments, distractions, and bullshit, NOW you choose to take all of this stuff for real?

    Don’t take this personally, but fuck you.

    On second thought, DO take this personally


  5. Andy T says:

    O C’mon TGCNBS.

    That was a pretty damn funny clip….

  6. SINGER says:


    the second 2/3′s is funny!

  7. Low Budget Dave says:

    Humor is the time-honored way of dealing with the Federal Reserve, if not most of Washington. If more people watched Colbert and Stewart, then there might be more people in Washington who understnad irony.

  8. call me ahab says:


    BR- tell us how you really feel- lol

    i look at CNBCS as sort of the Stephen Colbert of TBD- a parody of a parody-

    but you got it right- now he gets serious- but maybe it’s just a parody of someone who cares-

    hard to tell

  9. Had Enough says:

    Under a single new agency… Goldman Sachs. Beautiful! I think he got all of it right.

  10. Thor says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t catch what CNBC was trying to do with his post?

  11. Thor says:

    I mean DID catch – sorry

  12. hue says:

    mr. sucks is the cds of humor, a derivative of a derivative. he’s not for a public option …

  13. bergsten says:

    I’ve come to think of TBP as an online equivalent of Cheers — a friendly, financial-conversation-oriented place to come and hang out now and then. A place where you try to more or less behave, and expect more or less the same of others. A place with “regulars” — who, after some time, you come to recognize, and even if you don’t necessarily agreer with (or even like, or are even somewhat afraid of), they become familiar, and even sorts of friends.

    Some occasionally go off the rails, but then, who doesn’t? You drive them home, or let them sleep it off, or talk to somebody else until they work out that maybe they should change their behavior, or drink elsewhere.

    Now, in the final analysis, somebody owns this particular bar, and his name is Barry. In the final analysis, it’s his call who he serves and how he treats his customers (“no soup for you”). We all understand this, and even if we didn’t, Barry is not shy about regularly reminding us of this fact.

    Nevertheless, none of us have to comment here — we can always vote with our feet. We can find a friendlier place to drink. Hell, we can still look in the window — nothing stops us from lurking — gaining the insight without adding value through contributions.

    The point of all of this is that, while a bog creator and primary author owns the place, he still owes it to both his constituency and himself to not cross certain lines, if for no other reason, there is no possibility of financial gain from this sort of behavior, but much chance of financial loss (for example, if “I” as a potential investor consider my prospective partner to be becoming emotional, irrational, unhinged, inconsistent, careless, inattentive, sloppy, or otherwise, not 100%, I am going to take my money elsewhere).

    More than enough said. Barry, I’d respectfully suggest that you think this over, then delete this comment, as well as one that precedes it.

    As for the rest of us, perhaps we ought to give some thought about not insulting other commenters?

  14. Transor Z says:

    Personally, I don’t mind CNBCS’s routine. Clearly a smart guy who plays the trickster role. I read a bitter/disillusioned edge in a lot of the joking he does.

    Barry unloads every now and then on people. It’s why he’s not in politics. Whatever.

    Funny video.

  15. advocatusdiaboli says:

    I like that we have the Stewart , Colbert, the Onion, and others to help popularize and perhaps stimulate and encourage what Americans, of all of the G8, do least well–think instead of knee-jerk absed on shallow specious argument and name calling. They perform a necessary service to call attention to the value of analysis, thoughtfulness, and debate to a nation that mostly makes decisions based on sound bites and instinct and suppresses facts inconvenient to poorly supported but emotionally satisfying beliefs and superstitions.

  16. ToNYC says:

    Thanks for the post B.R…finding humor in the midst of human folly keeps the search for truth worth staying up for.

  17. perogy says:

    I peed my pants last night watching Colbert report on the Fed. Humor is the only thing we have left to ease the pain of political, economic, and social bullshit that we endure on a daily basis.

    How sad is it that we have to go to Comedy Central to get the news!

  18. phb says:

    Hey Bergsten – fuck you. Go drink someplace else if you don’t like the language.

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  20. Mike in Nola says:


    Agree with you wholeheartedly on the health care bill. A “public option” administered by the insurers? The problem no is that the insurers have too much fat while the right wing claims the government does: a study paid for by the insurers themselves concluded 18% of each health care dollar is sucked up by the insurer’s bureaucracy. Independent opinions say more like 25%. Whatever the correct number, we need less of them.

    This is turning into a boondoggle for the health insurers, just like the Rx drug bill was for Big Pharma: neverending payments guaranteed by the US taxpayer.

  21. youcontroltheink says:

    Phb- Please tell us how you learned to speak so eloquently, so thoughtfully and articulately. To be able to write a poem, one needs to pick each word carefully, skillfully like picking flowers and arranging them in a most lovely bouquet. You on the other hand only now how to pick up dog shit.

    If I may say you are quite the JACKASS

  22. youcontroltheink says:

    phb – My apologize, I just realized Bergsten used several 2 and 3 syllable words and I can understand how that can be taxing for someone of your mental standing. So I WHOLE heartily agree – YEA Bergsten FUCK you for using big words on simple minds.

  23. Al Czervik says:

    I’m with phb. Anyone who’s been coming here for awhile knows that it’s Barry’s blog and that he runs it as he sees fit. Most of us like it that way and that’s why we keep coming back. Speaking for myself, I’m not offended by an artfully deployed f-bomb…I wish more people of intelligence would speak their minds honestly.

  24. youcontroltheink says:

    @ AL “I wish more people of intelligence would speak their minds honestly.”

    Me too.

  25. bergsten says:

    “Han Shot First?” — “I” don’t remember the “LIL” at the bottom of Barry’s FY to CONICS, and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have missed such an obvious thing.

    Had it been there, I wouldn’t have taken the time to compose and post the comment I did.

    I’ve had a few back and forth emails with Mr. Sucks today. He said he took a screen shot of it this morning– I asked him whether the LIL was added after the fact — I have not heard back thus far.

    If it was always there then I apologize for misunderstanding and overreacting (thought my points are all still valid).

  26. bergsten says:

    Sigh. LIL should be “LOL.”

  27. TakBak04 says:

    I thought BR cut off “Comments” for this.

    Well..if he didn’t…I thought “CNBC SUCKS” was just doing a “Twisted Rant” and “irony/quirkiness/Nuance and some forms of Satire” don’t come across on the Blogosphere postings where “emoticoms” are primitive…not yet able on the cheaper Blogs to convey what the poster is trying to say.

    CNBC SUCKS…it someone who does a “Counterpoint” on a blog. I’d hate to see him be trashed too bad.

    BR owns the site…and maybe had a “bad day” or he was truly just going back with his own sardonic/perverse wit at “TGCNBCSUCKS.”

    I wish Barry hadn’t turned off “Comments” on that one, though. It did seem very harsh…even if one had a bad day…but then I’m a Newbie here….

  28. call me ahab says:


    BR is just busting CNBCS balls- CNBCS has been doing that for over a year to BR-

    CNBCS is a big boy-

    trust me- he couldn’t care less-

    I remember BR fucking w/ MEH about all his links- it’s all in good fun

  29. alfred e says:

    @BR: Too. too incredibly true and honest. Amazing. Thanks.

    But here’s the point. What can we do to make a difference?

    And Colbert is getting it done. Massively.

    CNBC is not an individual. His site and his thoughts are too polished.

    I’m guessing he has an office on K Street. And a very large budget.

  30. arthur.i says:


    Thanks for the link. I watch The Daily Show most days but have not really followed Colbert. He is really good when he is good.

    Some things you have to laugh at because crying would be too painful. Humor, throughout history, has had the power to undermine the powers that be. To be the butt of a ongoing national joke-fest…well it may be a game changer.

  31. Greg0658 says:

    BR on CNBCS and BR on BR – I took both as “a parody of a parody”

    I just got here .. window is already open .. I think CNBCS is havin trouble with “NoReal Voice” with all the ramifications of this mess


    ps – I’m here because the trucker is still sleeping and I can use his machine .. I’m to cheap to throw away a perfectly good working machine just to pump the bottom of the diamonds bottom line

    pss – Words not pitchforks

  32. Greg0658 says:

    pss – I missed the clip live – thanks – ROTFLOL – checked the more serious Sanders clip next – complete with sponsors .. not that it… na don’t go there

  33. Greg0658 says:

    psss – I wonder if Comcast – now a super aggregator .. can they meter flows over digital lines better than Nielsen ever could .. and direct channel content and payolla

  34. Greg0658 says:

    pssss – is GE going to reown NBC in 2018? when Comcast get my boot like AOL (well trucker pays the bill)