The Office BBCDamn!

After mentioning here that the complete Curb Your Enthusiasm was at half price, I dawdled — and missed the $79 sale.

Not this time; I just ordered this:

The Office – The Complete Collection BBC Edition (First + Second Series, Plus Special)  for $19, as well as a few other goodies — including the Godfather – The Coppola Restoration Giftset DVD for $32. (BluRay version is $50).

I’ve seen Casino Royale too many times to want to own it, but $5.49 for the 2 disc set is a bargain.

Lastly I am thinking about  Bogie and Bacall – The Signature Collection (The Big Sleep / Dark Passage / Key Largo / To Have and Have Not) — $19.  It has one of my favorite films — the very sexy noir film To Have and Have Not.  It was Lauren Bacall’s film debut!

Casino Royale

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19 Responses to “The Office – Complete BBC Edition ($19)”

  1. wally says:

    It was Lauren Bacall’s film debut!
    A barely old enough to be legal. But she knew how to put her lips together and…

  2. ben22 says:


    Good lookin out on that Godfather Set, that’ll make a nice gift.

  3. ezduzit says:

    don’t know if this post is a repeat but it is relevant.

    first casino royale movie was released in 1967 and starred, among others, woody allen, peter sellers and a cast that’s irreplaceable all named james bond. imdb has the list.

    i still have a laser disk of the movie.

  4. jeg3 says:

    In case you want to take the next few years off and read a lot:

  5. CTX says:

    How the hell do you even have time to watch tv for leisure? do you even sleep or are you a vampire working 24/7– great blog and incredibly up to date and current with all media.. how do you do it?? and your talkin about watching the sopranos and curb….etc..? my hat comes off to you!

  6. Airplanes !

    I watched season one of Californication to and from Dallas, and season 2 to and from SF

  7. bobby says:

    LB was sooo seriously hot in that movie….

  8. aupanner says:

    how soon will it be before we’ll just keep our home entertainment library on a massive 2 TB hard drive? already i can stop buying dvds and just download them through tivo and make discs of them or transfer them to my sony player if i need portability.

    then soon after that google will have it online for us somewhere and we’ll just have our own On Demand library through our TiVos or whichever set top box is relevant. the days of dvd discs are numbered. having a portfolio of discs will look so old fashioned before you know it…

  9. alfred e says:

    @BR: CTX stole my thunder. How do you get there?

    I do well to stay close to even. Not close to getting caught up to where I’d like to be. But then again, I get
    to deal with college student dramas. It’s that time in the term. I am going to write a book.

    And where’s your time for being an equestrian? Do you have all these shadow writers under your name, like so many…. Lawrence Saunders was the first, then ….

  10. TakBak04 says:


    .don’t know if you’ve seen this…but was thrilled Amazon had it. If you are any of your readers are interested hopefully they can recommend they read on TBP…so that you get credit. It might appeal to some of your readers who caught it the first time on PBS and looked for it. We had taped someyears and recently watched and couldn’t believe the fun it was and how it didn’t age. (In fact it gave us a great break from all the crap going on out there in the “real world.) Folks who have Netflix can watch the whole series there, too, for less money.

    Lovejoy: The Complete Collection ~ Ian McShane (DVD – 2009)
    Buy new: $299.98 $209.99

    Fans of rascally part-time detective Lovejoy (Ian McShane, most recently of HBO’s Deadwood) will be thrilled with the recent release of Lovejoy: The Complete Collection. Containing every episode on 22 discs, this complete set follows the antiques dealer with “a keen eye for beauty” through more than 63-hours of sleuthing, sexing, and crime stopping in stores, auction halls, and stately homes in Britain. A popular series in the U.K., Lovejoy gained a cult following in the U.S., and now the entire series is available in one set.

    BTW the Bogey/Bacall looks really good. Thanks for the tip…

  11. Philip says:

    The ill discipline of your Congress never ceases to amaze me. Now 200 Billion from TARP which was unspent from money which we didn’t actually have, is classified as a saving and may now be spent on “Creating new jobs”!! It seems that the US actually have to become insolvent before anything will be done about the deficit. What is wrong with these people and when will “We the people” kick the bums out? Open thread?

    BTW, you have now confirmed that you are a man of great taste by buying the UK version of “The Office” which is INFINITELY superior to the US copy. Also you once told me you are a fan of “Top Gear”. Now that shows great taste!!

  12. Clem Stone says:

    Not sure if this link will work but i own this fantastic original vintage movie poster for TO HAVE & HAVE NOT…..

  13. Drewbie says:

    >BTW, you have now confirmed that you are a man of great taste by buying the UK version of “The Office” which is
    >INFINITELY superior to the US copy.

    Hear Hear!

    A little bit of trivia. Mackenzie Crook got married during the filming of one series, so he’s got THAT GARETH HAIRCUT in all his wedding photos!

  14. Greg0658 says:

    aupanner writes “how soon will it be before …” archive’g of images is becoming a concern to all. No advice on format, except keep up with it …

    “The Afterlife Is Expensive for Digital Movies” from The New York Times Web (December 23, 2007) Scene Stealer – By MICHAEL CIEPLY LOS ANGELES – “To begin with, the hardware and storage media – magnetic tapes, disks, whatever – on which a film is encoded are much less enduring than good old film. If not operated occasionally, a hard drive will freeze up in as little as two years. Similarly, DVDs tend to degrade: according to the report, only half of a collection of disks can be expected to last for 15 years, not a reassuring prospect to those who think about centuries. Digital audiotape, it was discovered, tends to hit a brick wall when it degrades. While conventional tape becomes scratchy, the digital variety becomes unreadable.”

  15. aaalp says:

    Hi Barry,

    As a fan of movies and TV Shows, I’d recommend that you watch ‘The Shield’ completely Season 1 to 7 in case you haven’t watched it. No cop show has ever come close to this one. I watched it this summer and it brought me back the joy of watching a series with fun and passion. I had many sleepless nights because of The Shield because I was sitting down at night to watch 1 or 2 episodes and I had to watch one or more episodes and voila it was 3 in the morning. I definitely recommend that one to you.

  16. NakedHedgeFund says:

    The UK office is amazing! The US office has turned the corner and is catching up to the original, but will never be able to outdo the originality of The Office UK

  17. AndrewBW says:

    “To Have and Have Not” is a fun movie, but I like “The Big Sleep” much better. The score by Max Steiner is wonderful, especially the scene in the car when they finally kiss. Bogie’s various flirtations are also great, especially with the young Dorothy Malone in the famous bookshop scene. Also, the set comes with the unreleased original cut of the film. After Bacall’s second film, “Confidential Agent,” bombed, the studio went back and reshot parts of the movie, adding the nightclub scene. Well worth the price.

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