Nice interactive map at the WSJ that tracks, by total assets, the Banks That Went Bust during the crisis. In addition to the map, you can also see all the data in table form at the WSJ.

Traking the Nations Bank Failures

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FDIC Moves to Seize Slice of Bank-Stock Rallies
WSJ, DECEMBER 30, 2009

Category: Bailouts, Credit

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9 Responses to “Tracking Busted Banks by Assets”

  1. Jerry 369 says:

    Wow!Cool graphic….And this make’s me bullish,exactly why again?V- shaped,what did you say there?Kelly/Herman/Luskin,can’t wait till at least the first two are banished to the dust bin’s.You could argue Don L. is already there,but he still pops’ up from time to time.Larry has a soft spot for him…
    Happy new year all,better next ten…..

  2. pravin404 says:

    Here comes another chart :
    Check how much FDIC has lost for the bank failures per month and per state at :

    This will make a picture on how much FDIC needs in future.
    Check other statistics on bank failres at

  3. The Curmudgeon says:

    Where’s Wachovia, Bank of America and Citi? Oh, sorry, that’s right–Wachovia was “purchased”, and Bank of America and Citi didn’t technically fail. They were just put on a ventilator in the Fed’s ICU. But that’s not like actually failing, is it?

  4. Mannwich says:

    Pretty telling that the the nexus of where we should have seen most of the failures (Wall Street/NYC), there’s but a little tiny blip over an even tinier blip.

  5. Herb2 says:

    Were the too big to fail banking oligarchy not excluded, it would be interesting to correlate the data with the density of particular professions in each area, starting with MBAs and LLBs. The map suggests that North Dakota and New Mexico suffered a few blessings.

  6. Steve Barry says:

    And some are just turned into zombies…

  7. bruerr says:

    Isn’t it interesting most of failures are west of the Hudson. Must be nice to have friends in high places who do not disclose where Fed Reserve Money is flowing.

  8. bruerr says:

    Check out that rather large circle emitting from Seattle. Lot of depositor-based funds there, routed over to New York virtually overnight. And now look, no blips in New York. How interesting, FDIC keeps secret some of its money-centric decisions too. And how easily the FDIC yielded like a woman to Jamie Dimon’s firm. Favoritism? Maybe it was just a Moonshadow.

    Yeah just a Moonshadow followed WaMu. Nothing else. Okay, maybe a Cult of Personality in the financial industry. But thats not such a bad thing is it? … Has anybody tried to get Jamie Dimon to commission a book about himself.

    Has that been thought of yet ? Maybe ask Judy Woodruff if she will float some unsophisticated questions his way…. like blossoms floating warmly, as from a narrative of a Russian romance novel. Soft questions like that … Easy underhanded pitches. Some contrived fawning. Anybody at the financial rotundra-table thinking about these things?

    Can’t be a group of financial athletes, rip people off, demoralize their daughters and not have a public relations department trying to spin it into heroism. That might be perceived as anti-semantic.

    Besides you got to do something, to help Sheila look like she is more than just an easy lay.

    Come on My Roundtable Bitches – get to thinking.

    You cant expect her to just keep drawing a black marker over all her intimate correspondence.

    What kind of economic policy is that my Roundtable Bitches. Sup.