via FT Alphaville we see this item up for auction.

I suspect Matt Taibbi would be pleased:




Hat tip: Scott F

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3 Responses to “Vampire Squid Up For Auction”

  1. bsneath says:

    Personally I can think of a far more appropriate headline than “ethos has faded”. It would include references to swine and deviant sex acts……….

    As Goldman Thrives, Some Say an Ethos Has Faded

  2. ilene says:

    This is for Struggling Man:

    Rsponding to:

    Can you answer me this???

    I get vacinated against H1N1, and I am spared getting the H1N1 flu. Down the road, the bug mutates (as it apparently has). Will the the vacination protect me against the mutated version of the bug??

    It’s relatively in that partial immunity should provide some protection but how much is unknown – its not all or none.

    The current vaccine that is in the injectible form does not appear to be very effective against the sub-strain that has the D225G change – it was not developed against it. The testing to make this statement was limited, as far as I know, only one test result showed a lack of sufficient activity. Maybe further testing has been done since. The Flu Mist should provide some protection because the D225G marker was present in the mix of viruses that were used in developing the Flu Mist vaccine.

    Or, second scenario. I don’t get a vacination, and do contract H1N1, and live through it. Will having had H1N1 make me resistant to the new mutated bug??

    That should provide you some degree of protection against a new mutated virus that is similar to the one you already contacted, but again the degree of protection is unknown.

    Hope that helps and sorry I didn’t check back sooner. My new article is here:


  3. Jonathan says:

    These comments seem a bit off topic…