Person of the Year, My Foot! Bernanke “Failed Miserably,” Chris Whalen Says
Aaron Task
Yahoo Tech Ticker, Dec 16, 2009

Category: Bailouts, Federal Reserve, Video

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9 Responses to “Whalen: Person of the Year? Bernanke “Failed Miserably””

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  2. davos sherman says:

    Time to PUKE!

  3. JC says:

    Whalen gently called BB a criminal. So is Paulson but he had the foresight to get immunity for his criminal actions.

    BB is taking the bows for saving civilization while shifting the blame for the eventual economic meltdown from Bush to O’Bama.

    O’Bama was overwhelmed and intimidated by the situation and he and Tiny Tim have continued on the Bush/Paulson path to economic oblivion for the country.

  4. Steve Barry says:

    The Fed’s plan to print our way to prosperity is is taking a hit tonight…big dollar rally underway. That screws up the plan by helping the average American and screwing bankers and corporations.

  5. Transor Z says:

    Right on, Chris! Terrific point about the Maiden Lane shenanigans.

    Even if it were legal, the deal still stinks rotten. Although BB claims public knowledge that AIG was deemed TBTF and thus NY Fed had no leverage with foreign and domestic banks to pay less than 100 cents, as I said on an earlier thread today, the Fed still could have threatened to walk away from this deal and leave it to the federal government to figure out a solution — requiring Treasury and/or congressional action and at least some measure of public accountability/transparency. Of course they had leverage!

    In short, the public would have screamed bloody murder about this if it had gone through constitutional gov’t channels. The conflict of interest involved in the Fed’s intervention was of cosmic proportions.

  6. Paul Jones says:

    In order to assert that Ben Bernanke did a good job,

    you have to forget the roll he had in creating the crisis.

    When well funded, well schooled, and well connected journalists do that

    It’s propaganda!

    I long to be free.

  7. alfred e says:

    @Chris: You are so, so cool. And so, so, correct.

    You did a spectacular job of putting a stake in the ground.

    If the Senate confirms Bernanke, Dodd’s out of the Senate. Correct.

    We hope.

    That’s exactly how it should be. From the experts.

    Hello? Any sheeple out there listening?

    You no longer need a senator with seniority to guarantee fed subsidies.

    All you need is a state on the verge of bankruptcy with unemployed potential democratic voters .

    So what does anyone in his state have to lose by tossing him?

    The chance of someone getting it right for Main Street?

    BS Obama is our savior.

    I cannot tell you how many non-elites are done with BS Obama and the entire system. They voted for BS Obama only to get WS needs tacked onto their fed debt obligation.

    WS first. Social Security and Medicare last.

  8. mathman says:

    Do you still believe the government works the way it was designed: that our votes count for something (Bush 2000), that we can effect change via elections (Obama 2008)? i think capitalism has totally corrupted democracy to the point that we no longer live in one. Unless the great mass of sheeple get off their collective asses and physically take back their government (and what’s the chances of THAT happening?) we’ll continue to become a third world country, complete with a meaningless currency, controlled by a corporate dictatorship in a police state.

  9. ToNYC says:

    Chris Dodd’s a well-paid stooge for the Insurance industry as is Lieberman. They need to get real jobs instead of fake partisans. Let’s never let them forget their malfeasance and duplicity.