This set of global data is updated in real time; Things like:

Current World Population
Births this year
Births today
Deaths this year
Deaths today
Net population growth for today

How cool is THAT ?


click for interactive graphic

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27 Responses to “Worldometers”

  1. Steve Barry says:

    Cool, but cannot possibly be a true real-time count…when is the benchmark revision?

  2. fascinating.

    I love things like that

  3. tude says:

    Can we really be growing at a rate of over 100k people a DAY? Does anyone wonder what will happen when we finally cure death like we are desperate to do?

    I really do hate to think about it, and equally hate the fact that so many millions of people refuse to think about it.

  4. Transor Z says:

    I like the average global temperature rising by .000000001 degrees C per second. AGW must love that feature. :-)

  5. Simon says:

    The numbers rolling over are fun but some graphs would be good too. Some interactive graphs showing levels of correlation and projections would be nice.

  6. CTX says:

    makes you want to live life to the fullest after looking at all the deaths per day!

  7. Did you see how much coal was left over? Only about 300 years worth. :)


    People have been worrying about mankind running out of resources for over 200 years. Just remember this simple phrase: Necessity is the mother of invention. It really is a truism.

    Someone has done the math. All the available farmland, if it were properly managed, would support 1 trillion people. Just do some research on the overpopulation myth

  8. ReductiMat says:


    The logistics of getting sensors on every pregnant womans vagina is pretty amazing. Not sure how they’re getting the death numbers though.

  9. Wes Schott says:

    Malthus had the same concern in 1820…

  10. bman says:

    “Malthus had the same concern in 1820…

    “Just do some research on the overpopulation myth

    I want off of this planet. The rest of you can choose to stew in your own excrement if you want.
    Allow those of us who do not and will not accept the staus quo to invest in space exploration.

  11. CTX says:

    bman sounds like a hale bopper

  12. bman says:

    Should I do a search on hale boppers or would you care to explain?

  13. bman says:

    Ok here’s what I found when I searched hale boppers. Sounds pretty good to me!

    CTX sounds like a Navelologist

  14. CTX says:

    no- (NOTE:remember our discussion on how degrees are worthless???Taibbi vs academic superiority) hale bop heavans gate followers

  15. torrie-amos says:

    very cool, me also likes stuff like that

  16. Wes Schott says:

    …there’s only one way out…

    enjoy your hale boppers on the way to destiny…

    bop anyway, sounds good to me…although a bit of a stylistic throwback, still eminently enjoyable

  17. tude says:

    @How the Common Man Sees It,
    Spoken like a true middle class “consumer”. Somebody will come up with something so at least I am OK until I die.

    There’s always somebody who has said something, and come up with the MATH to prove their own theory. Isn’t this what much of blog is all about?

    The math of the housing bubble kept prices somehow going up forever, until they didn’t. Anyone who thinks we can have perpetual growth in anything is deluding him or herself.

  18. Marcus Aurelius says:

    I opened the link in one window, and Google in another. When Idid my search, I saw the counter for Google go up. Cool!

  19. Marcus Aurelius says:

    How the Common Man Sees It Says:

    “All the available farmland, if it were properly managed . . .”

    Sounds like a $ocialist, command economic program (or Soylent Green), to me. At 6 billion+ people, currently, with over 1 billion of them undernourished, I doubt we could eke out enough food for 1 trillion or anywhere close to that number. Never forget: If your grandparents were 20th century Americans, they most likely lived a memorable portion of their lives in hunger, and this is the breadbasket of the world.

    Did the study say how the excrement (not to mention dead bodies) generated by these teeming hordes of well-fed people would be handled?

  20. torrie-amos says:

    fwiw, if you read any of the futuristic books, they estimate we can handle about 9-10 billion people, at that poin I guess we all become lemmings and dive off of dover cliffs, thankfully i won’t be around to find out

  21. bman says:

    oh you’re saying hale bopper =heavans gate? Well I didn’t choose your terms, but I’d suggest they suck.
    might as well look for the comet behind the sink pipe.

    I like the recipe I provided better, that said, I don’t see your point. Are you suggesting some cult mentality applies to rational discussion about our environment?

    My point in case you missed, while hastily applying your label to it, is: Some people like to sit around and talk about the ruin of our environment and our world, Others would rather look for new horizons, and leave the debaters to finally come to the settlement that nature imposes.

  22. take it FWIW, but ‘charts’/’info displays’ like this, are a piece with the whole AGW-campaign..(disinfo/agitprop)


    for more on ‘Climategate’, a veritable gift, that keeps on giving..

    “…Even before the Climategate Emails came to light, the problem posed by the Medieval Warm Period to this band was known. “We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period” read a pre-Climategate email, circa 1995, as attested to at hearings of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works. But the Climategate transcripts were more extensive and more illuminating — they provided an unvarnished look at the struggles that the climate practitioners underwent before settling on their scientific dogma…”

    “…In the end, Briffa and other members of the band overcame their doubts and settled on their dogma. With the help of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the highest climate change authority of all, they published what became the icon of their movement — the hockey stick graph…”

    “…Instead, the band members turned to their friends in the media and to the blogosphere, creating a website called “The idea is that we working climate scientists should have a place where we can mount a rapid response to supposedly ‘bombshell’ papers that are doing the rounds” in aid of “combating dis-information,” one email explained, referring to criticisms of the hockey stick and anything else suggesting that temperatures today were not the hottest in recorded time. One person in the nine-member team — U.K. scientist and Green Party activist William Connolley — would take on particularly crucial duties.

    Connolley took control of all things climate in the most used information source the world has ever known – Wikipedia. Starting in February 2003, just when opposition to the claims of the band members were beginning to gel, Connolley set to work on the Wikipedia site. He rewrote Wikipedia’s articles on global warming, on the greenhouse effect, on the instrumental temperature record, on the urban heat island, on climate models, on global cooling…”

    y mas..

  23. @Marcus

    You do know that excrement is an energy source don’t you? :roll:

    Sounds like a $ocialist, command economic program

    Actually, it is because of government, greed and collusion that there is so much shortage in the world. The entire population of the world could be housed in the square footage of Texas with the rest of the world left over for food. This is not about shortages. This about incredibly idiotic management

  24. joro says:

    The second I had my first bite of a Christmas cookie the “Overweight people in the world right now” ticked up one..coincendence?

  25. Patrick Neid says:

    It’s clear we need to legalize drugs!

  26. drey says:

    “This about incredibly idiotic management”

    Yeah, well, unless you think the management is going to improve drastically in the very near future, doncha think we ought to start planning for the worst case scenario there, chief?

  27. The management is all of us drey. It could go either way to be honest with you. I’m doing my part. That is really all I can do. That and not worrying about what I can’t control. At least we, collectively, can’t blame anyone but ourselves

    And BTW, the worst case scenario is death. That’s going to happen to all of us anyway. The only unanswered part of the question is how.