We’ve been having some quirky Word Press problems over night — including database issues, and some odd admin errors.

The team is working on it, and hopefully, we will be back to normal shortly.  More on this later today.

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6 Responses to “Ack!”

  1. fun with technology . . .

  2. bman says:

    hmm looks like my post on how rational we are got lost last night too.. Just goes to show the truth hurts.

  3. AJB says:

    Still getting the “error on page” / scripts in movie causing Adobe Flash Player 10 to operate slowly.

    Others noted the same problem.

    Happens each time I open or return to the main page.

    Started a few days ago.

    Love the site…but this is annoying.

  4. LLouis says:

    bman says : ” hmm looks like my post on how rational we are got lost last night too.. Just goes to show the truth hurts. ”

    On december 22, via email I reported about that kind of problem, my last email about it:

    ” Well to be precise about the matter, there wasn’t any links in my first comment, and someone nicknamed DL made a small comment about my comment on the health care plan saying it was good points, his comment was also removed …

    and, in my comment about the misery index, there was only 2 links originally, I added 2 more links in my email to you.

    Up to you to check if other comments were removed, maybe some quantum tech glitch zapped them out …

    By the way, is THE BIG PICTURE blog available on the wireless service of AMAZON’S KINDLE in the U.S., if yes, will it be available in the near future in Canada, along with other text websites. ”

  5. Paul Wilkinson says:

    Too bad, I was quite profound on the topic of being rational vs. maximizing utility and how the utility maximization paradigm I learned at Northwestern explains things better than the rational assumption you knock. In any case, the bottom line is that it’s tougher to be rational and maximize utility in the absence of good information (another economic assumption being “perfect information”), making transparency the key to healthy markets, as explained at http://paulwilkinson.com/2009/12/10/xbrl-data-tagging-standards-advance-on-two-fronts/#econtrans . Read that, Barry (especially the letter from EDGR), and I’ll forgive you for letting WordPress lose my late-night wisdom! (You might try IntenseDebate, which for all its flaws hasn’t lost anything on my site.)

  6. Advocatus Diaboli says:

    You still have issues with a flash animation that is slowing your readers..