Here are the articles that caught my attention today:

The economic ‘experts’ who stopped making sense (Telegraph) Why, despite the financial crisis, do we still put our faith in economists, asks Edmund Conway. See also: The cause of our crises has not gone away (FT)

U.S. Now a Renters’ Market (WSJ) With Apartment-Vacancy Rate at 30-Year High, Landlords Cut Prices 3% in 2009

Economic Crisis Quotations 2009 (financialnewsexpress)

Geithner’s N.Y. Fed Told AIG to Limit Swaps Disclosure (Bloombeerg)

Retailers See Holiday Sales Rebound From Grim 2008 (NYT)

Help Wanted? Not Yet in the Service Sector (WSJ)

Conflicting housing, factory data show fragility of economic recovery (Washington Post)

There’s a new religion in these holy wars. And it’s Google. (NYT Circuits)

The Science of Success (The Atlantic)  Its not about what you think…

Future Designer laptop – ROLLTOP (Video) The device of the flexible display allows a new concept in notebook design

What are you reading?

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  1. torrie-amos says:

    The Science of Success, lol, well, I championed the same theory last year. After a 20 year research into the most successfull folks, imho, two factors stood out, environment, and mentoring, and then catching a break.

    Also, if you look at the “Mea-Culpa” post, you can see how imho that certain “fragilness” effects me when left on my own.

    pretty cool, thanks for the link

  2. call me ahab says:

    Check this out- not sure what to make of it-


    observations please

  3. Greg0658 says:

    call ahab – see link below fyi .. a reference book for me … to expand I’m in the camp things are not what they seem … and have said before imo WTC7 was evidence destruction for your 22-51street

  4. morton2002 says:

    Barry, since you love interactive visualizations I thought you’d find this interesting: Visualizing Graffiti in New York City

  5. Greg0658 says:

    pssssss – imo this that is what is the matter .. no one knows how to operate in a deeply corrupt world

  6. CTX says:

    More state controlled media links

  7. torrie-amos says:


    i just read the first few paragraphs, it is a very convaluted inacurate report of what wolf said, i watched him on olberman, it was just standard left hand not knowing what right is doing, nothing of consipracy bs

  8. Transor Z says:

    Re the Ray Kurzweil interview:

    I highly recommend Cory Doctorow’s sci-fi short story “I, Rowboat” for a fun exploration of consciousness/sentience in a variety of forms.

  9. call me ahab says:


    I, Robot???

    Greg- can’t get to that link at the moment- but you are a believer?

    torrie- all nonsense then? It appeared to be such an odd site to a have a full blown conspiracy theory on its pages

  10. eren says:

    The Way We Live Now
    Walk Away From Your Mortgage!

  11. Uchicagoman says:

    Along the lines of the still humming in my head Cosmos Carl Sagan Remix….

  12. Transor Z says:

    @ahab: The “I, Rowboat” title is a riff on “I, Robot.”

  13. Brendan says:

    Re: the Apple vs. Google/MS holy war, it seems Apple recently made a huge mistake in their recent nanny-handling of the iPhone Apps. That seemed like a really stupid move on their part if they want to be seen as the antithesis of the pencil pushers over at Microsoft (or Blackberry in the case of the iPhone). And now they have Google to contend with on their other flank. It makes them seem so… mainstream. I feel like they’re following in the footsteps of Starbucks, and I don’t think that’s a good thing. I mean that in the respect that Starbucks was hip and cool until everyone started doing it. Then when people started judging it on it’s merits, they realized they were paying $5 for a mediocre cup of sugar… err… coffee from a soulless coffee shop. So for now, Google’s the new kid in town, just in time to take advantage of the glitz wearing off the iPhone. Though I’m afraid Google may not be that far from falling into that same trap. Should be interesting to watch. Meanwhile, I’ll keep my “dumb-phone.” As great as having the internet is, since my job doesn’t require it, I’m not sure that I want to be tethered to it.

    Re: the Atlantic Article, I didn’t have time to read the whole thing, but I get the gist that “normal” doesn’t equal good. Anyone who’s listened to good music for a long time knows the best musicians are almost always crazy (and make better music when they’re off the psyche meds)! So this seems like an obvious conclusion to me! But that’s not to say scientifically quantifying it is a bad thing… and on that note, I’d make a terrible musician!

  14. call me ahab says:


    guess my snark detector is malfunctioning

  15. Transor Z says:

    No snark. Real story. See Cory Doctorow’s blog page above. But the bigger issue is that Barry deleted the Kurzweil interview from the reading list for some reason.

    So here… I’ll put it back. :-)

  16. Transor Z says:

    Sadly, the Unluckiest/Luckiest Man in Human History has passed at the age of 93:

  17. Steve Barry says:

    The biggest market shift in a generation may be just around the corner…from Morgan Stanley, again hat tip ZeroHedge.

  18. Steve Barry says:

    Big story tonight on ABC News in a few minutes…people taking money out of big banks and moving to smaller banks. Allow me to dream for a second…the American people, taking matters into their own hands, take so much money out of the TBTF Banks, that they cause a bank run and TBTF does fail.

  19. kmckellop says:

    Looks like we we are now paying more for the unemployment insurance dole than for the Federal Payroll … to the tune of $14.7 billion as of December.

    and Mish’s take

  20. CTB says:

    Anyone seen this chart comparing Case-Shiller to CRE?

    I find the correlation interesting. I wonder if we are about to see an upturn in CRE, or whether the upturn in housing is solely related to government intervention.

    (full post here:

  21. @call me ahab Says: January 7th, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    That’s wild. You know I was going to throw a wild card in the mix for Barry’s 2010 prediction requests but I thought, nawww, no one would buy it. Now that you have posted that I’m not so sure it is so wild after all.

    My prediction was that the US would suffer a military coup that would have members of the government and banking sector arrested for treason against the US people and constitution.

    It may not happen this year but it could happen. It would be a definite mind blower. Could you imagine if you woke up tomorrow morning and that were happening? What a new dawn that would be. I’ll bet your mind right now is rejecting that as absurd. What if it happened? ;)

  22. Bill in SF says:

    Has NBC jumped the shark or what?

    According to this NYTimes article, Jay Leno will move back to late night in a 30-minute show at 11:35, with Conan O’Brien starting at 12:05 and Jimmy Fallon at 1:05am.

    I haven’t actually watched NBC broadcasts in several years, since they cancelled their affiliation with a local San Francisco station, and moved to San Jose. (Can’t get the signal from San Bruno Mountain). Had Comcast for awhile, but cancelled that when my health insurance went up another $100/month. Switched to TIVO, and occasionally use HULU to view SNL and Comedy Central.

  23. Greg0658 says:

    “that they cause a bank run and TBTF does fail”
    and is/are some-folks getting rich shorting them/us in this mess of a game?
    Conjunction Junction

  24. TakBak04 says:

    Nice Reads..Thanks… BUT….given all the Bad Press and revelations about Tim Geithner for months…WHY IS HE STILL THERE? Many Great Minds from the Financial Community have been pointing out his problems…..but he’s still there.

    It’s very frustrating that NO ONE LISTENS.

    From BR’s Post:

    • Geithner’s N.Y. Fed Told AIG to Limit Swaps Disclosure (Bloombeerg)

  25. Greg0658 says:

    ahab@4:23p – I think a cabal* saw actions in Florida & Arizona flight-schools and seeing interjection for multiple reasons as a real giant leap forward for their design took it .. set up WTC127 (on open floors & utility chases) with explosives to create a mechanism (bonus destroy the files** ) to advance theMIC and F’ism abroad … yes I’m in that camp
    *p173 (2nd printing from my ref)
    Canvass of Flight Schools Weighed Before 9/11?
    W A S H I N G T O N, May 3 — Two months before the suicide hijackings, an FBI agent in Arizona alerted Washington headquarters that several Middle Easterners were training at a U.S. aviation school and recommended contacting other schools nationwide where Arabs might be studying, law enforcement officials said. The FBI sent the intelligence to its terrorism experts in Washington and New York for analysis and had begun discussing conducting a nationwide canvass of flight schools when the Sept. 11 tragedies occurred, officials told The Associated Press.

    ** Enron Worldcom HealthcareSouth Tyco

    Chinas Mandarin Oriental Hotel Fire
    then search for the morning after photo

  26. Greg0658 says:

    that morning after photo:
    China TV sorry for fireworks that caused blaze
    - Unlicensed display sparked fire that destroyed luxury hotel in Beijing