I was on Bloomberg Taking Stock yesterday with Pimm Fox — its a fun chat on the rally psychology — and the lead in music was great.

My segment starts at the 27 minute mark to about 40 minute (commercial free)


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8 Responses to “Bloomberg Taking Stock”

  1. rtalcott says:

    I click and I get sent to the apple.com store…

    I guess maybe if I was running Windows or a Mac it would work….

  2. mmcnelly says:

    You’ve criticized other “media” outlets for making their videos difficult. Now you expect people to download apple software so we can hear you speak. We’re not all apple lunatics. In fact, I hate their biz model and won’t buy their products… not even an Ipod. I don’ t have one. I have heard that you can delete their software and use other software..so maybe I’ll do that one day. I will not however load apple software on my pc. Keep your interview.


    BR: I don’t expect people to do anything. Readers have asked to be informed when these broadcast go online, and that is what I did.

    Blame Bloomberg — that is how they upload their audio podcasts — I’m only pointing to it.

    Oh, and switch to decaf, ya cranky f^%$#.

  3. hgordon says:

    You just need Quicktime installed to access the iTunes store and this program.

  4. Pimm Fox is one, of the Few, Good Ones..

    If Bloomberg ever cares for any assistance in knocking the Horsehide off this Ball, He’s, more than, Welcome to Ring.

  5. Boots or Hearts says:

    Switching to decaf may not be enough…

    Quite a lot of resentment built up amongst folks who may have fought the tape a bit too much since 3/2009. Palpable on the boards.

  6. As a trader, I know that being wrong is okay.

    Staying wrong is unacceptable

  7. izimbra says:

    Barry, you did a good job with your segment. But perhaps you would like to reconsider your remarks about lawyers being more in touch with the real world in light of this Supreme Court decision, http://www.scotusblog.com/2010/01/analysis-a-few-open-or-not-so-open-questions/#more-15341 , which apparently allows unlimited corporate spending to influence the outcome of U.S. elections?

  8. Greg0658 says:

    “in touch with the real world in light of this Supreme Court decision” .. little known fact .. all money that flows into elections comes from the worker/consumer thru higher prices

    flow winner .. Graphics/Radio/TV – 4th Estate Industries

    come on 5th Estaters: