Start marinating those ice cubes — the weekend is here:


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Hat tip: Flowing Data

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3 Responses to “Engineer’s Guide to Drinks”

  1. johnborchers says:

    Now this is useful to navigate today’s market, LOL.

  2. jamesabney says:

    I need to print this off and stick it in with some construction drawings at work.

    Speaking of engineers, I wonder if Mr Ritholtz or any of the readers of this blog have any advice of how an engineer could go into stock trading as a profession. When I was 18 I knew I was good at math and didn’t want to teach math so engineering seemed reasonable. But eight years into it I’m pretty sure I don’t want to do it 35 more. If this isn’t the place for such questions I apologize.

  3. I need to be drunk to understand it :)