With U.S. Job Satisfaction at the lowest level in two decades, this cartoon is not only relevant, its just in time for tomorrow’s breathlessly awaited, first positive NFP release in 2 years:


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14 Responses to “Job Dissatisfaction”

  1. And what if it isn’t positive? And don’t layoffs tend to moderate during the Christmas season as a general rule? So what will this really tell us?

  2. Simon says:

    I guess if the rowers were facing the right way we wouldn’t see the miserable expression on their faces.

  3. Steve Barry says:

    It maybe positive…but remember this:

    1) Birth Death model will add many jobs
    2) Seasonality is wacky this time of year
    3) It takes 150K real jobs just to meet new workforce demands
    4) Gov’t is adding census workers like mad (don’t know when that will hit the BS Report)

  4. Greg0658 says:

    “Resistance is futile”
    “where Bartertown gets its energy”
    The Master: Who run Bartertown?
    Auntie Entity: Dammit, I told you, no more embargos.
    The Master: More, Blaster.
    [the Blaster puts all power out]
    The Master: Who run Bartertown? Who… run… Bartertown?
    Auntie Entity: …You know who.
    The Master: Say.
    Auntie Entity: Master Blaster.
    The Master: Say loud!
    [the Master turns on the town loudspeakers]
    Auntie Entity: Master Blaster.
    The Master: Master Blaster… what?
    Auntie Entity: Master Blaster runs Bartertown.

  5. km4 says:

    Here’s an even more sobering “Global Workforce Survey” conducted by Towers Perrin, an HR consultancy

    In an attempt to measure the extent of employee engagement around the world, the company polled more than 90,000 workers in 18 countries. The survey covered many of the key factors that determine workplace engagement, including: the ability to participate in decision-making, the encouragement given for innovative thinking, the availability of skill-enhancing job assignments and the interest shown by senior executives in employee well-being.

    Here’s what the researchers discovered: barely one-fifth (21%) of employees are truly engaged in their work, in the sense that they would “go the extra mile” for their employer. Nearly four out of ten (38%) are mostly or entirely disengaged, while the rest are in the tepid middle.

    There’s no way to sugarcoat it—this data represents a stinging indictment of the legacy management practices found in most companies.

  6. Regular readers know that I don’t care much for NFP — its mostly noise — but the overall trend matters, not any given monthly datapoint

  7. alfred e says:

    Perfect cartoon. Except it’s not a cartoon. It’s a picture of reality.

    This has been unfolding for more than 20 years. And the “big dogs” could not be more clueless.

    And why shouldn’ they be. They bank enough each year to be able to tell the world to pound sand.

    Besides, they’re the elites. The take care of each other, and share their time in the sun. They are the only protected class.

    And, the compensation consultants and boards keep saying more of the same.

    The most relevant movie of all time.

    TRADING PLACES. Should run on TV 24 hours a day.

  8. Did The White House Just Leak Tomorrow’s Payroll Report?

    At 6:30 PM CT (7:30 PM ET, 00:30 GMT), the White House issued the following short statement …

    President Barack Obama will make a statement on the economy at 1940GMT [1440ET, 1340CT] today

    As I understand the time line, the White House should have the complete payroll report by 7:30 PM ET. This is what makes the timing of this announcement so curious. Did they see the report, like it, and schedule a statement to gloat (”America is now creating jobs again”)? In other words, the report is better than expected and above zero.

    Happened Before?

    Last month Robert Gibbs said:

    The White House has seen signs that the U.S. unemployment rate to be announced on Friday “might tick upward,” spokesman Robert Gibbs said on Thursday at a news briefing.

    To this we said:

    After this story made news, the White House decided to backtrack. Robert Gibbs says he did not see tomorrow’s number (CNBC claims they do not have it) and said he was projecting it from the ADP report. So does the press secretary have his own econometric models to predict the unemployment rate?

    This apparent leak did not work out as expected. The unemployment rate did not “tick upward” by ticked down from 10.2% to 10.0% and the payroll report was better than expected at just -11,000.

    In August Obama might have leaked the July report the night before when in a speech he said “We’re losing jobs at half the rate we were at the beginning of this year.”

    This phrase is unique and the BLS report the next day had the following opening paragraph:

    Nonfarm payroll employment continued to decline in July (-247,000), and the unemployment rate was little changed at 9.4 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. The average monthly job loss for May through July (-331,000) was about half the average decline for November through April (-645,000). In July, job losses continued in many of the major industry sectors.

  9. bman says:

    The sad fact is in the real world a Junkie knows he’s a junkie, and he knows he’s lying to himself about it.
    In this world we believe our own lies, and keep expecting what we used to own.

    Great cartoon, Now everyone, Get back to work!

  10. alfred e says:

    @bman: An exceptionally important insight. Don’t recall seeing it verbalized.

    Don’t include me because I’ve been dealing with these ass-hats for decades.

    They actually believe their own bull-shit.

    Think you want to point out their issue. Ask some of my associates how that worked with Carly or Rich McGinn.

    But they keep getting their bonuses and and their slaves.

    Just ask GS. Just doing god’s work. Guess that’s what the high priestess always said just before the virgin was sacrificed.

  11. Denis says:

    “Regular readers know that I don’t care much for NFP — its mostly noise — but the overall trend matters, not any given monthly datapoint”

    I disagree. What really matters isn’t so much the trend itself, than it is the trend of how it gets corrected a few months later. When numbers get corrected on the downside, it means we’re still heading downhill; when it gets corrected on the upside, it means the situation is improving.

  12. tagyoureit says:


    Methane cometh from pig shit.

    Bull shit!

    No, pig shit.


  13. MorticiaA says:

    The cartoon hits a little too close to home — really hard to chuckle at it. I agree with alfred e about Trading Places. I see the movie as a documentary….

  14. DeDude says:

    James; I guess that whoever peaked at the numbers should have put his glasses on ;-)