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4 Responses to “Former NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer on Governments and Markets”

  1. Spitzer pretty much nails it. He calls out the Fed and Treasury for their failures. He mocks the thought of new regulations that will not work because the government is incompetent. And, he rightly points out the various agencies and Fed already had the regulatory tools and authority to halt this mess before it happened.

    You can call the man out for his penchant for prostitutes as well as being a hypocrite since he cracked down on prostitution, but he does know his government regulation.

  2. AZ CoJones says:

    Currently, Spitzer’s credibility is not in high demand, nor are his opinions. IF he can keep his beak clean and his business above reproach, then slowly we can start to let him build some momentum to his credence.

  3. [...] of the financial depredations of the last few decades, they could do worse than listen to the analysis of former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer, rather than self-serving Wall Street apologists like Robert [...]

  4. tawm says:

    Please don’t assist in the rehabilitation of this crook. He shook down multiple companies, took fines from the shareholders, and prosecuted no-one successfully. A headline-seeking thug who should never hold public office again. Back under your family-moneyed rock!