Alberto Giacometti: L’Homme qui marche I

$104.3 million  (sculpture)

L'Homme qui marche I
Pablo Picasso’s Parisian boy smoking a pipe (painting)
1994 for $104.1 million
Picasso Dora Maar au chat
$95.2 million in 2006 auction
Gustav Klimt Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer II
$87.9 million
Francis Bacon’s Triptych
$86.3 million in 2008.
Francis Bacon - triptych, 1976 oil & pastel on canavas in three parts - Each 78 x 58 in, 198 x 147.5 cm., Executed in 1976, - Est. in the region of $70 million - Sotheby´s New York Contemporari Art May 14, 2008

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3 Responses to “5 Most Expensive Pieces of Art”

  1. johnborchers says:

    Pays a bit more than bookwriting eh? LOL

  2. babygal says:

    My husband has been an artist for over thirty years-I’m accepting offers.

  3. Simon says:

    Your husband does nice work babygal. It’s just not fair that success in Art is all about luck, association and timing. Mind you, having people pay millions of dollars for your drawings has got to be somewhat of a privilege.