Incidentally, I have no idea what the story is with all those gold ads.

I assume they are a form of content based ad words thingie. I mentioned Gold today and again earlier this week, and that might be the source . . .

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13 Responses to “Gold?”

  1. Taliesyn says:

    Interesting you should bring this up because the finer point on this trend you mention that has my attention is the on rise of this kind of hard sell on what can only be referred to as the *right wing nut* market so preciously represented by this years winner of the Great Waldo Pepper Prize for his aerial repertoire’s *creative interpretation* being a Timothy McVie re-enactment o; Joseph Andrew Stack.
    Already there are websites praising him for his guts to strike a blow against *Big Gubment* while lamenting that *Big Media* will unfortunately also want to *blow out of proportion* that little flourish of his burning down his house with his wife & child in it.
    Yeah , that crowd and they are legion. The rabid home-schoolers , off-gridders , end-worlders. The closet militia types that kind of went underground after the McVie outrage ,the kind that listens to all of the conspiracy theory websites & webcasts. The kind that love G.Gordon Liddy , I call them Liddites.
    Well when I saw good ol’ G.Gordon hawking gold to *his* crowd/market* I just chalked it up to yet another sign of the Apocaylpse Now *market*. I live in Nrothern Virginia and round about Dulles you can pretty much throw a stick in *any* direction and hit one of them , but then duck because they are also heavily , heavily armed with Charlton Heston’s rendition of the ” from my cold, dead, hands” Right to Bare Arms mantra playing in their heads. Yeah , it’s God ,Guns, & Gold.
    Welcxome to the post 9/11 21st century.

  2. Lugnut says:

    Say it threee times in a row and Beetlejuice appears!

  3. Buy it three times in a row and prosperity appears

  4. Taliesyn says:

    Just as a follow-up on the extent of this right-wing nut Gold-buying market to which conservative web & talk radio is pitching the mantra of “Buy Gold in the event America collapses of its own debt-weight to be replaced by One World Government. In a way they are selling gold as a kind of act of “put your soon to be worthless money where your mouth is” no confidence in where this country is being led protest and it is *resonating*. Only owning guns are worth more to this crowd /market. ( so I guess this means invest in SmithWesson , etc and any name manufacturer of bullets )
    However one should try and make an attempt to try and catch any of the right-wing red meat speeches made at this week’s annual CPAC convention on CSpan and see how much the *ideologically correct* fire-breathing conservatives are actively trying to tap into this tipping point minority by *pandering* to this crowd. The “Tea-baggers* are just the surface with not a small amount of genetically engineered astroturf. The real event will be the next time the NRA holds one of its rallies in front of the Capitol and just give a listen to what kind of element is really out there. They’re armed , networked, vote ( when not already seceded to whatever sovereign state of mind ) and they’re buy *Gold*.
    No they’re not going to swing , let alone corner ,the gold market like good ol’ Neslon Bunker Hunt , Billy-Bob bro William Herbert Hunt tried with silver , but the nervousness over this nations exponentially ratcheting -up debt and the Fed printing fiat money there isn’t enough gold above ground ( that we know of ) to back. Anybody remember Nixon taking us off of the gold standard back in 1971 and pre-Oil Shock #1. Just for your enlightenment here’s his actual speech. ” History doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes”

  5. Taliesyn says:

    Buy at early 1990′s prices and it goes up 4X.
    Works for me ;-)

  6. Drewbie says:

    Gold’s going up and down like the bleedin’ Assyrian Empire.

  7. Taliesyn says:

    As far as the lunatic fringe right-wing *Apocalypse Now* tribe sees it the buying of St. Gauden Eagles ( or Maple Leafs ) is not just a hyper-inflation hedge against the paper dollar gone Weimar , but out of fear and in preparation for that legendary time when we’re supposed to go entirely *cashless* with everyone being forced to get that good ol’ *mark of the beast* barcode tattoo.
    Yeah , that right-wing extremist movement that are balls-to-the-wall Right to Bare Arms zealots whom pepper the Tea-bagger crowds that the Conservatives a now feeding red meat & pandering to in order to attract that *value-added* tipping point minority in order to achieve a voting majority.
    So with that said buying gold coins is a kind of vote with one’s lost-confidence dollar. Now is yesterday’s deliberate act domestic terror/protest by the newest poster child of this right-wing anti-Big Gubment movement, John Andrew Stack , a canary in the mine taken wing as the first of more McVie’s to come?More Waco’s?
    To quote the Francois Truffaut’s character in “Close Encounters” over why so many people felt compelled to come to Devil’s Tower , ” It is an event sociologique”.
    Anyway , some one’s marketing team felt that there was a good marketing climate to start hawking the buying of Gold and a significant amount of the sideshow barkers are preaching to the Limbaugh/Glen Beck/Fox News market. When you see G.Gordon hawking something Gold you have to consider whom he is selling to.,,,,
    …..and how many of them are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore….and can fly private planes.
    I guess another film quote is apropos….” Keep watching the skies” ;-)
    Have safe weekend

  8. Pool Shark says:

    Inflation hedge? Not likely.

    Gold does better during Deflations:

    Also, does gold really fluctuate much? Not really, it’s been in a pretty steady bull-market for over a decade now:

    Currently sitting at all-time highs in Euros & also in terms of true purchasing power.

    Gold sure has kicked the S&P 500′s butt over the last decade or so…

  9. philipat says:

    Fortunately, all the Ads only appear within the US, so those of us who live overseas don’t get burdened.

    That said, such a concentration of ads is usually a sign of a market top in whatever it is being re-packaged and sold.

  10. panchog says:

    I think of gold as a currency, just like US$ or Euro. The only difference being, gold does not have any constituents it has to please or support.

    Now, look at PIIGS, “Euro is no good.” Then, just wait till California, Michigan and other US states start defaulting later this year. Then, “US$ is no good.” Most developed countries will begin the race to the bottom, but they will have to devalue their currency against SOMETHING, and it’s gold.

    Jim Rickards from Omnis inc, released an interesting analysis that, if you divide the total gold above ground by the total money supply in US$, gold price should be somewhere between $4,000 to $11,000 per ounce.

    We are in the secular bull market in gold, just 10 year in. I am riding this train for another 10 years.

    Most gold miners are still off their 52 week highs. This “gold bubble” theory is nonsense.

  11. Taliesyn says:

    panchog Says:

    “..if you divide the total gold above ground by the total money supply in US$, gold price should be somewhere between $4,000 to $11,000 per ounce.

    Great points all , but this is the one that stands out and thanks for the clarification. *Precisely* why I included ti the link to the August 1971 speech by then Pres. Nixon announcing why he was suspending the link of the dollar to Gold which preceded the 1st Oil Shock by 2 years. So what was the source of the inflation then was in no small part the recycling debt spent on both LBJ’s “Great Society” in tandem with the Viet Nam War debacle with the usual waste , fraud , and abuse that accompanies *all* war spending including Reagan’s Cold War bill of $2 trillion.
    Now we are in a situation of even more profligate printing of fiat money and thus *debt* that each subsequent Congress & Administration has continually tried to outrun a day of reckoning by raising the debt limit. This time it was the *Bailout Nation* of Wall St. *private sector* profligacy , and soon commercial real estate debacles on the event horizon , as well as our own state little piggies gone to market ( California , Michigan , New Jersey, Nevada , Arizona, need I go on ).

    Sooner or later this revolving debt music will stop and then Katie bar the door.

  12. panchog says:

    I forgot to mention that “$4,000 to $11,000 per ounce” target is based on the assumption that gold viewed as currency… and I guess if we were to go back on the gold standard.

    Jim Rickards (on CNBC) also mentioned that, based on the fundamentals, we would hit $2,000 per ounce in 2010. It’s a bold prediction, but I think it is quite possible if we hit the manic/panic buying of hard assets.

    I particularly like physical bullion; Why? because it is one of the rare assets that has no counter-party risk. In a way, I view gold as catastrophe insurance in this turbulent times. Okay, Eurozone may collapse this year, but my gold coin, which is a “barbaric relic” that has held up as “money” for the last 5,000 years on this planet, won’t become worthless…actually it would skyrocket in value (purchasing power) while the fiat currency would become toilet paper.

    Just look at the gold price in the last 10 years,

    and tell me what other asset class has out-performed?

  13. CrisisMaven says:

    A bubble in, say, shares, stocks or commodities happens when people believe it will “go up and up” (and is, as a rule, as with housing recently and “tech” stocks at the beginning of the millenium, again mainly driven by money inflation). Gold in contrast is a hedge against inflation and against looming sovereign defaults. Inflation by definition is the increase in money supply. There’s no doubt that this has happened several fold in only two years. So there is inflation. Hence there is no gold bubble, as gold has not appreciated by a tenth even of what the monetary base has expanded!