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6 Responses to “Weird, or just different?”

  1. zebov says:

    I love the vast variety of cultures in this world. You can find very quickly that a lot of the things we do are simply out of arbitrary standardization.

  2. bonderman says:

    Having been lost both in Tokyo and Los Angeles, I’ll take the US system. The Japanese system makes more friends though. Appear lost in Japan and people will stop and ask you if they can help you find your destination…even if it is some distance away. At night, the huge illuminated signs on downtown roofs are often all the directions you need for a taxi driver to get you to your destination.

    On the other hand, in the rural areas, you need to ask your host ahead of time which taxi (red, green blue, etc.) knows the way to his address.

  3. Simon says:

    I think its cool.

  4. vonjd says:

    Sorry, but the European system (which has become the Western system) is superior because you can’t know every building history of every block – but you can know how to count 1,2,3…

  5. jrm says:

    A few streets in Japan have names, like Ginza-dori.

    I still got lost at least once a day when I lived there ahah.

    Taxis have their doors automatically open for you, that’s cool.

  6. TakBak04 says:

    I checked out the link to the original site. This is fascinating. I’ve bookmarked it to go back and check it out further.

    On first check…it’s wonderful. Challenging…and quirky questioning.. Many Thanks. I’ve not run into this around the net before.

    I’d give it a huge +…just on the first one you posted. But, then…I have always loved that kind of question of what should be..and what one is just supposed to work through…and what “IS”… whatever…it’s fascinating. Maybe a waste of time…but then…I’m not watching CNN/MSNBC or CNBC while I hit on that site and go through it…and I wonder whether exploring new site is better than being “mis-informed” on my recreation time by watching Cable/Network or exploring NEW THINGS/LINKS on the Net.

    Who Knows…but most of the rest is boring…………(except Olympic Curling—the New Hot Thing!) but after that…challenging the mind…? Whatever?

    It’s good…thanks for that post and link! On this cold dull winter day……it’s a teaser.