Is it just me, or does everything he says now sound like nonsense, given what is now understood about the Maestro:

He is still married to his concept of the market as a perfect forecaster:

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7 Responses to “Alan Greenspan Discusses U.S. Jobless Rate, Treasuries”

  1. subscriptionblocker says:

    Nope. He’s on my spam “blacklist” too……

    The fates and future historians will not be kind to him methinks. Rasputin comes to mind….

  2. says:

    I won’t even listen to the f*cking @sshole who blew up the economy. POS, when he finally croaks, his ashes should be scattered in urinals around the country — save everyone a trip to p*ss on his grave.

  3. angularallen says:

    No. It is not just you.

  4. censeo says:

    Barry, I couldn’t even watch it; just looking at him I car hear that mouth filled with some odd mixture of phlegm and marbles. Maybe that’s what’s in his head and keeps leaking out. Back in the day I couldn’t figure out his convoluted jargon. I’ve been badmouthing him a loong time; well before the shine came off him. Didn’t help, though it explained alot, when I found out he was an Ayn Rand lustbunny. I read her shit. Threw it out sophomore year. The man is a fool.

  5. arthur.i says:

    For me this shows how far we are now down the rabbit hole. The morons and nincompoops who created so much destruction and suffering are still in power. This man is an idiot and should be jailed for crimes against humanity.

  6. me says:

    What eveyone else said!!!!!!

  7. super_trooper says:

    Why are you still posting clips with Greenspan?
    Easy Al should be ignored.