Several emailers have asked me about what was the latest information with (“Hey, how about some non-public inside information to trade off of?”) I have been unable to discuss as I am a Board member, being one of those odd ducks who prefer not to go to jail.

Since its now official, I can point those who are interested to the following.

Here’s the official announcement: (BRST) today announced its long-awaited new direction with the launch of Collaborize, its new easy-to-start, easy-to-use communications and decision tool for groups of all sizes. Collaborize is an online service designed to help both external audiences and internal teams of nonprofits and for-profit organizations address issues both large and small and drive toward actual implementation of collective solutions. The public announcement of Collaborize(TM) was made at the Spring DEMO Conference. is in the process of changing its name to Democrasoft(TM) to underline its new strategic direction. Collaborize is the first in an anticipated series of Democrasoft products built upon a common platform.

Collaborize arrives on the scene backed by the company’s 20 years of technology expertise and beta partners that include Medtronic, Robert Cringely, TechSoup Global, Monitor Group, Maverick Media, Wine Industry Network and others

Because of the flexibility and scalability built into its “cloud computed” technology, Collaborize can cost-effectively empower groups and organizations of all sizes: businesses, non-profits, governments and their citizens. It taps into the “Wisdom of We”(TM) to turn a group, organization or social network into a functioning community that can organize conversations, capture great ideas, collect votes and streamline group decision-making, all online and in real time.

Burst is presenting at today; that presentation will be posted eventually.

Scobelizer did an interview with the CEO Richard Lang about Collaborize — the video is here . . .

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7 Responses to “ Launches Web-Based Software Collaborize”

  1. Marcus Aurelius says:


    Even though it’s not a political ideology tool, that’s a hell of a name considering our current bipolar culture.

    Prepare to be labeled a $ocialist/Communi$t/Nazti/limp-wristed/illegal immigrant-loving/Islamist/baby-killer. Republicans and “conservatives” won’t use it, even if buys and slices bread for them. Then again, who needs collaboration tool when your answer is always “NO” and you are afraid of anything new?

    Maybe you should offer an identical copy under the name Republidea.

    In all seriousness, good luck w/ the product launch. May you be the next Microsoft. May it mark the demise of my least favorite marketing tool: the focus group.

    Going to check it out now.

  2. wunsacon says:

    >> I have been unable to discuss as I am a Board member, being one of those odd ducks who prefer not to go to jail.

    You’re worried about jail? I didn’t know they’re building those any more.

    Nevertheless, we like you this way…

  3. The Window Washer says:

    Good luck and Congrats.


    I think Daisychain might be a improvement.

  4. Drewbie says:

    Who is the Einstein that decided the 4 syllable clusterfuck “democrasoft” beats

  5. scharfy says:

    Kick ass concept.

    I like the idea of being able to get an instant vote on anything in real time for organizations.

    Has some potential in schools, companies, neighborhood watch groups, just about anything other than politics, where unnecessary opinions are a nuisance…

  6. should be known by BRST:

    as an aside, with the growing Media Coverage of ‘Flash Mobs’, Burst might do well by sticking to its, current, Name..

  7. clauddelee says:

    Why not use the “Collaborize” software to change these names: “Collaborize” & “Democrasoft.” Otherwise we’ll be dead before we start.