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7 Responses to “FDIC Bank Failures”

  1. TakBak04 says:


    I hope you are vacationing in your New Vacation Home…….

    Your postings are sparse..but everyone needs a break these days. We are off for vacation with relatives and kids of relatives off SC Coat.

    Just saying, though, that your absence is of notice…and it’s understandible. Without REFRESHMENT…our mind can grow dull or focused on the “Forest instead of the Trees.”

    “Feeding the Beast” at this point really causes one to “Go Down as Fodder for the Beast.” Refreshment is preferred. If you find that good place to get away from it all…please PM some of your readers. Many of us are in need of “Refreshment” at this point! REALLY!

  2. TakBak04 says:

    Spell Correct: “SC COAST” for some vacations this week for some of us……Typo.

  3. philipat says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but it looks like a nice Bell curve is forming here?

  4. pravin404 says:

    See a different chart of bank failures showing monthly bank failures with assetwise and total banks failed since 2008 at:

  5. ezrasfund says:

    I would prefer to see a graph showing the total asset value of banks in default, rather than the number. Then there would be no need to point out WaMu and IndyMac and the graph would tell a more accurate story. Bell curve? Maybe.

  6. [...] brings us, of course, to Tamalpais Bank, which is likely in the queue for an upcoming Friday Fed seizure. A couple of weeks ago I reported that the troubled Marin community bank—currently past the [...]

  7. ATH says:

    “Correct me if I’m wrong but it looks like a nice Bell curve is forming here?”

    Maybe, but that’s not what I see — looks to me like someone has determined that bank failures should be limited, when possible, to 3-5/week or we’ll scare the bejesus out of folks if that number spikes much higher in any one week. Call me suspicious, but I think they are spreading these failures out like peanut butter…….