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Hey Bezos! Fix Your eejit Pro-kindle Anti-Author Book Reviews!

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On March 17, 2010 @ 5:15 pm In Markets,Web/Tech | Comments Disabled

As mentioned Monday [1], I found The Big Short [2] discussion on 60 Minutes quite interesting. I went over to Amazon to check out the book — and was stunned at the very low review ratings for a book that had yet to be released.

At the time, there were but 7 reviews. I clicked through a few a One Star ratings, and saw some jackass had written the following [3]:

“Watched the interview on 60 minutes last night could not wait to order the book this morning on my kindle. Your loss.”

My response [4] to the dolt reviewer:

“The book isn’t even out yet — and because the publisher has yet to release the kindle edition, you give the book a 1 star rating? An author spends 2 years researching and writing — important enough of a subject that 60 Minutes does a piece on it. What sort of creep dismisses 2 years of someone’s work because their infantile demands could not be satisfied THIS SECOND?

There are now 77 reviews, and 41 are one star reviews for kindle related¬† issues. Most of these brain damaged eejits who won’t understand this, but Amazon sure as hell should:

Authors do not control when the Kindle version comes out any more than they do when the paperback is released. Publishers typically release a kindle version sometime AFTER the hardcover. My book, Bailout Nation [5], was released May 26, 2009, and the kindle edition came out sometime in the Fall . . . the paperback is due June 28, 2010.

As an author, you have precisely ZERO control over these dates.

Considering the 1 star ratings/complaints about the Kindle edition were posted BEFORE THE BOOK was even released, they are utterly absurd. Amazon needs to step up and delete these non-reviews of books. At the very least, they should not count in the book’s star ratings. (And as commentors have suggested, they should require a purchase prior to any reviews).

That’s the equivalent of giving a movie a bad review because the popcorn concession in the lobby was out of butter.

These pro-kindle, anti-author reviews are completely unfair to the writer. A review is supposed to be about the book, not the publishers format release schedule.

If Amazon wants to be a fair vendor of books, they need to delete these idiotic, pro-kindle, fan boy reviews. Is Amazon a fair arbiter of this, or has their mad kindle lust blinded them to what is right?

Hey Jeff Bezos !  Please show me my trust in Amazon is not misplaced! Fix these damned reviews

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