As previously noted, Verizon has been very obnoxiously spraying unwanted services and icons on my Blackberry desktop.

I am sure somewhere in the unreadable fine print we gave permission for this garbage, but that doesn’t make this any less obnoxious, and it doesn’t make Verizon any less of a giant telecom douchebag for doing this.

At the time we last mentioned this, the solution was to hide the icon. A better solution would be to leave Verizon, but for some of us (NYC), the alternatives are not better.

There seems to be a better solution, found by Ned — simply follow these steps:

1. Go to Options (the wrench on my BlackBerry)
2. Advanced options
3. Service Book
4. Select Bing or Slacker Radio, or whatever
5. Left Click (Blackberry button)
6. Delete

Your phone is now yours — until the next Verizon hijack . . .

Dear Ned,

Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless.  My name is Dennis.  I apologize for any inconvenience these applications may have caused.  Verizon Wireless is always looking for ways to enhance our products and services to better meet the needs of our customers. Your comments have been forwarded to our Leadership Team for review and consideration. Your feedback provides us with the perfect opportunity to hear exactly what you think, and often leads to improvements you will see in the future. If additional information is needed, a member of our Leadership Team will be in contact with you.

I appreciate your time and allowing me to assist you with your feedback today.  I hope I was able to address all of your concerns today.  Please reply to me or call Customer Service at 800-922-0204, if you have additional questions. Thank you for your time and being the most important part of Verizon Wireless.


Verizon Wireless
Customer Service

—–Original Message—–

Today I noticed that there were two new applications pushed onto my Blackberry-Bing and Slacker Radio. This is the third time I’ve had to remove Bing from my phone, and the first time I’ve had to dump Slacker Radio.

Where do you people get off shoving product onto my phone that I didn’t ask for? If it happens again you’ll be short one customer because I’m gone, I’ll move to any other service provider who isn’t so insensitive to their customer’s needs and time constraints!

If you want to send me a notice that you have new services or apps available, fine, but stop being obnoxious about it.

This lack of understanding about your clients and their needs/wishes runs along the lines of your old wireline business and is consistent with the egg-headed move you made when you didn’t cut a deal with Apple for the iPhone. Remember, you are a commodity service provider and offer absolutely no differentiation other than a perception of better coverage. The differentiation comes in the phones, apps and customer service. Don’t delude yourself into thinking its anything else.

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13 Responses to “How to Delete Unwanted BlackBerry Bing, Slacker Radio Icons from Verizon Mobile”

  1. Invictus says:

    Alternatively, of course, you could work for any number of behemoth companies that disable — as a matter of policy — just about every feature out of your smartphone/PDA and render them virtually useless. Not even Verizon can slip an unwanted icon/service past the enterprise IT teams. Nosiree, you’ll use your dumbphone and like it.

  2. Mike in Nola says:

    There’s always WinMo :) Nothing shows up unless I install it. Anything I didn’t like when I got it goes away with uninstall. And MS and VZW can’t tell me what I can install. At least until Windows Phone 7 comes out.

  3. jpm says:

    Just say no to Verizon. They have a loooong history with crippling phones, going back to removing ftp from their moto razors. (Some genius thought they’d make a ton with all the photos that would *have* to be emailed with the crippled phone, until they saw how many folks started avoiding them…)

  4. EAR says:

    Thanks for this.

    VZW took over my Blackberry to install Slacker just as I was taking a picture of my son to send to his uncle. The timing really augmented the intrusive nature of this kind of bullshite.

  5. elfranko says:

    (coughs) iPhone.


    BR: I had an iPhone for 3 weeks. It was lovely, but I had to return it. Here is why.

  6. Mike in Nola says:

    jpm, Barry and the rest: complain to the FCC, which is putting a lot of heat on the carriers lately and has made them a bit more eager to please customers.

    Actually, VZW used to cripple WinMo phones horribly, reducing memory compared to the ATT and Sprint versions of the same phone and locking the gps to VZW Navigator so they could make extra. After much griping and complaints to the FCC, VZW have left the recent Windows phones, like the HTC Touch Pro 2, pretty much untouched. About the only things they did were including their own home page and mobile store and a couple of other easily disposed of items when the phone was being set up.

  7. rat89 says:

    Unfortunately the bigger issue is this: you can delete the icon from your blueberry, but…..doing this doesn’t break the lock bing has on being the default search in the browser when you hit ‘go to’….you used to be able to choose default search for the browser, but even after doing the delete from the service book bing is still the only choice when you go to browser/ options/ default search….

  8. Taliesyn says:

    Alright, what the hell happened here. I *just* saw an end-of-day blog with BR recommending the book , ” No One Would Listen”by Bernie Madoff whistle-blower Harry Markopolous before reading it.

    And now I was just coming back to add the C-Span link to the video of his 2/4/2009 testimony to add some more “straight from the horses mouth” substantiation to why BR could recommend his book without reading it first only to find that blog actually *pulled* and had I not seen it myself I wouldn’t have been able to add to it.

    I recorded this testimony myself for my own archives because it saves me the cost of ordering the DVD and allowed me to view it at a convenient time. Yeah , my one really guilty vice is having a personal C-Span/CNBC/ Lou Dobbs “Moneyline”/PBS “Frontline” library going back over 20 years ; CSpan since the “Iran Contra Hearings” as ell as such beauties as the “S & L Debacle” & the “BCCI Investigative Hearings” along with the debate to go to war in Iraq * the first time*.

    What can I say , I’m an unapologetic news junkie and have followed economic news like others follow sports.

    Just another John Q. Public making good use of the C-Span resources we are all already paying for with each and every cable bill. This means absolutely *NO* tax dollars paid for this national treasure archive.

    OK, now I’m outta here.


    BR: Its here.

  9. bergsten says:

    Remember, you are a commodity service provider and offer absolutely no differentiation other than a perception of better coverage…

    Some years ago we went from Sprint to Nextel because when we took a visiting relative all around the area, his phone was the only one with excellent service everywhere.

    Needless to say, Nextel was acquired by Sprint, and in less than 24 hours Nextel coverage got as bad as Sprint’s. And we started getting area-wide disruptions, and years of endless “it will be better soon” promises on both coverage and updates to their antiquated Blackberry phone technology.

    So, I figured, the next time around, I’d look for FCC-mandated reports on coverage and outages. By definition, such things exist, and for “wireline” service they are readily, publicly available.

    But, the sleazy wireless cell service providers successfully lobbied the government to make such reports confidential under the terrorism laws.

    So, there is no public objective way to compare and rate cellular service providers! As best I can tell, you don’t even have the option of “try and buy.”

    p.s. We changed to AT&T (because of the iPhones). Sprint charged us $400 per line “early cancellation” fees — our two-year contract was three days short of expiration.

    p.p.s.s. AT&T’s coverage map says their coverage ends at our driveway. Who could make this stuff up?

  10. changja says:

    You can try some of the newer smartphones. I believe the Droid doesn’t have any VZ intrusion on it.

  11. kevingan says:

    Verizon also continues to sponsor Glenn Beck, even after many other large outfits ditched him because of protests when he called Obama a racist. Classy outfit all around!

  12. franklin411 says:

    You should try Bing…Bing Maps actually works much better than Google Maps on my Tour.

  13. OT Fantastic visualization.

    Fantastic….and really, really sad and scary

    Visualizing Obama’s budget cuts.