How cool is this, from Gonglue Jiang, a desing student at Zhejiang University:


via Design Fetish

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5 Responses to “Infinite Stackable USB Cables”

  1. tnoll says:

    OK so where can we buy them?


  2. pigcatcher says:

    they can draw power from USB port infinitely too ?

  3. aypay says:

    That SOOOOO wouldn’t work. The ports are power limited, USB is a point-to-point protocol (not a bus), and the impedance would be shot to hell so it wouldn’t be able to talk even if USB did know how to talk to two devices on the same port, which it doesn’t. At most you could power a few small devices, but total power is 2.5W so it isn’t like you are going to charge two devices with Li Ion batteries at the same time. But other than that… nice color selection?

  4. ashpelham2 says:

    Crap on the stackable USB cables. Tell me more about tethering my pc to my wireless phone. No one I know is doing it, but I can see it saving me some $$$$ every month….