Nice list of slang terms from the Christian Science Monitor that were birthed in this Recession:

10. Funemployment, n. The practice of enjoying one’s unemployment.

8. Staycation, n. Vacationing at home or near home because traveling further would be prohibitively expensive.

6. Madoff’d, v. To get ripped off in a particularly offensive fashion.

5. Recessionista, n. A consumer who has historically paid big bucks to look like a million bucks and who, unwilling to quit his/her fashion habit in the face of the recession. NOTE: I prefer the Kudlowian definition of the rare person forecasting a recession before the event in the face of good news ; (i.e, I was the lone Recessionista on Kudlow & Co. last night).

2. Permatemp, n. The condition of being permanently employed as a temporary worker.

1. Decruited, adj. To be fired from a position one has not even started yet.

I would add Recession Porn – an obsession with the darkest, ugliest charts, articles and anecdotes about the recession. As in, “I used to go to that blog all the time, but I got bored with all of the recession porn.”

Any other new words out there worth adding to the list?


Recession slang: 10 new terms for a new economy
Tracey D. Samuelson, Taylor Barnes
Christian Science Monitor, March 8, 2010

Category: Economy, Humor

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24 Responses to “Recession Slang”

  1. This is a bit out of character for me but it came to me a few days ago so here goes:

    There seems to be excremental growth in all the falsehoods, lies and misleading statements from people these days

  2. VennData says:

    Bond Mingealante, wimpy fixed income purchasers who’ve sat in 2% five year notes during the bull rally of a generation.

  3. These have been in use in California for years…maybe we’re a leading indicator?

    Government Entitlement - 1) to work for a government agency, such as the USPS, and not expect layoffs, pay-cuts, office closures, or new job descriptions like the rest of the country. 2) to want to increase costs for poor service and fewer work days.

    LA-USD’d – to be paid a full salary with full benefits year after year while the lawsuit against you for misconduct / improper contact with a child and your countersuit for wrongful termination make their way through taxpayer capital.

  4. ToNYC says:

    Heene’d: When you fail to get granular in designing your self-promotion efforts..this may soon merge with Palin’d as she finally gets exposed on video going for the money in the midst of quitting a current or immediately forthcoming engagement.

  5. thebondgurl says:

    As a huge fan of you and TBP, I dont want to see you go out like this so im gonna let you know that i never want you to ever refer to yourself as a “recessionista”. please change the gender of the word to “recessionisto”. I have a certain idea of you in my head and its not a man that would ever use a feminine version of a word when describing himself…lol

  6. Mr.E. says:

    Can’t believe this hasn’t been put up already but “nouveau poor” has become popular> There is even a blog site by the name.

    From Wikipedia:
    Nouveau poor (“new poor”), refers to a person who had once acquired considerable wealth, but has now lost all or most of it. This term is generally used to emphasize that the individual was previously part of a higher socioeconomic rank, and that such wealth that provided the means for the acquisition of goods or luxuries is currently unobtainable. These people are not actually poor, but compared to their previous rank, it seems as if they are.[1]

    These people are generally in their twenties and once had high paying jobs, but are now unemployed.[2]

  7. VennData says:

    AUlogy, a pious plea to buy gold (usually delivered in 30 or 60 seconds.)

  8. VennData says:

    Kudloud, the decibel level just above a reasonable political idea.

  9. ewmayer says:

    Here’s a couple of my pet ones:

    [1] Bubblehead - An acolyte of Greenspanian EZ-credit-based fake economic “growth” policies;

    [2] Ponziconomics - The inevitable result of government economic and monetary policy being set by [1].

  10. VennData says:

    Tea Partitioner, covetous Democratic wedge issue concocter

  11. Bokolis says:

    Staycation has been in use since well before the recession…for when you stay home to take care of all the personal matters (home repairs/improvements etc.) on the table because you’ve been too busy with work…kind of like we used to call summer school “tar beach.”

    All I have is: TARPed - as a verb.

  12. VennData says:

    Bair guitar, energetically claiming the banking system is fine without any actual evidence in hand

  13. flipspiceland says:

    MALuses– the opposite of BONuses wherein money that is given to Lord Blankfein and his ilk for trashing the world economy is clawed back from them for taking money from taxpayers and paying themselves with it.

    ((courtesy: the economist) real definition is a n apple tree.)

  14. Lugnut says:

    How bout: ‘Deconomy‘ – A system by which the productive elements of a country for producing goods , services and wealth (capital, jobs, viable markets), are systematically destroyed over time.

    e.g. “My job got run over by the deconomy”

    I like ‘recession porn’.

    Hi my name is Lugnut and I am a recession porn addict….

  15. constantnormal says:

    “Permatemp” is not a new thing (maybe a new word, but not a new condition) — it has existed for at least the past 2 decades, perhaps longer. Microsoft would not exist today if not for “permatemps”. Probably many other companies as well.

  16. MorticiaA says:

    “EBIT” = Earnings Before Irregularities and Tampering.

    Oh, that’s not just for recessions, is it?

    Okay, how ’bout “Diworsification” — Diversifying one’s portfolio to the point where it’s actually worse.

    “Duppie” – Depressed Urban Professional

    “Slayoff” – A particularly cold-blooded method of laying off employees, such as breaking the news on a company blog, leaving a note in an employee’s chair, dispatching a mass email

  17. deadhead says:

    Recovery Porn.

    Permabulls denying historical standards and insisting that everything is okay and this was all just one nightmare but it is clearly over.

    XXX Recovery Porn…the intermittent rollout of A. J. Cohn who predicts the market will go 10% higher than it is and there is always room for stocks to run.

  18. constantnormal says:

    I’m missing the starry-eyed green shoots counterpart to “Recession porn” — you know, the ones who point to any slanted/distorted chart/statistic which shows that for some segment of the economy, things are turning up, regardless of what is happening to the majority of the participants.

    What would that be? “Pollyanna Bloomers”? Franklin411, Cognos — gimme a hand here.

    Duh-oh! All I had to do was read the entry in front of me. Thanks, deadhead … “Recovery porn” it is.

  19. Melsisson says:

    I heard this term on CNBC, but thought it needed a better definition:

    CONSUMER-LESS ECONOMY; In which the “have’s” barricade themselves out of reach from the “have not’s”, and commence to party it up, as if nothing ever happened.

    ps. I did not know, until I read this post, that I am addicted to recession porn. How awful!

  20. TheAntipodean says:

    Cory Doctorow at has used (?coined) one of my favourites; econopocalypse.

  21. alfred e says:


  22. dcsos says:

    buzzwords: CLAWBACK

  23. Julia Chestnut says:

    “Bankster” is definitely in common parlance now. So is “jingle mail.”

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