Anyone else noticing an excessive amount of TrackBack Spam? It seems lots of gullible folks are buying into those Internet Get Rich Quick infomercials.

The SEEO folks have convinced them if they link to a lot of bloggers,and then get trackbacks, it will raise their Google Rank.

Not on my watch. That crap just pollutes the comment stream. After the jump, you will find a run of bogus splogs, scrapers and spammers. If you blacklist them, you will see a huge reduction in this crap.

(Note: If you use WordPress, you can simply grab all of this garbage and cut & paste it into your Comment Blacklist under discussion settings):

Here is all of the spammage that has shown up this month alone:




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17 Responses to “What Is With All The TrackBack Spam ?”

  1. mysterious eggs says:

    Revenge is sweet.

  2. Chief Tomahawk says:

    So THAT’S why Feedburner is now at 140k!!! (Just kidding BR!)

    Like the “” entry. Would that be lightweight doggie stairs to help an aging best friend into the SUV in the later years? Will Medicare cover it? How ’bout Obamacare???


    BR: Nah, FB has beren up there for a long time — this splog onslaught began 3 weeks aog . . .

  3. MorticiaA says:

    What on earth do Alcoholic Christians have to gain with spamming?

    I don’t have a blog, but there is one other fairly decent place for rational discussion on NON-financial matters I frequent; that site has been plagued recently with an increase in spamming.

    My guess it’s just hard times so people resort to even more questionable tactics.

  4. the SEO point is a good one–most of what they, SEO ‘gurus’, peddle is synthetic g*rbage..

    LSS: if your Customer-Base isn’t, also, part of your Sales Force, get Long /Neoprene/, b/c you’re fixin’ to circle the Drain..

    or, for the Derivatives-freaks, among us,

  5. sorry, this was a cognitive mis-fire..

    was angling toward

    and, unfortunately for the /Deriv.s/-crack/, they’re, seemingly, not, Publically, Traded..

  6. mathman says:

    cool poster:

    (moderate this, j. o.)

  7. BearishNews says:

    BR – You guys running Akismet? Great spam protection, with very few false positives. In my experience, anyway.


    BR: Yes, I am, it does a good job.

    The latest nonsense is based on people randomly linking to sites, looking for the trackback link.

  8. Even with Akismet, spam still gets through. I like a combination of WP plugins Ban, and Ironclad CATCHPA. My spam has decreased by 95%

  9. I’d say in the last few weeks trackback spam at our site has spiked like the VIX in 2008.

  10. Oh yeah, in WP I turned off “allow trackbacks and pingbacks” in the Discussion section. You can see who is linking in Google Analytics etc.

    It was only a matter of time before the spammers conquered trackbacks …


    BR: Yeah, but I don’t want to dissuade legitimate trackbacks . . .

    Word Press has a black list, but I am now getting 200 trackback spams overnight from these weasels — I dont want to dismiss them completely w/o review, beause occassionally a legit comment gets caught in it.

    I want anything on my black list to never be seen — I dont know if that is possible with WP

  11. alfred e says:

    @BR: IMHO you do an exceptional job of keeping the threads clear for all of us ….

  12. Barry,

    I understand your dilema of wanting to filter out spams, yet let through the legitimate trackbacks. You listed my blog as a spam, but I would just like to point out that actually I was quoting and referencing your work at my blog. Here are some of the things that I wrote:

    “Barry Ritholtz is considered the godfather of financial blogging and yet this is the first time I’ve heard of him. Too bad because he has some really interesting stuff to say. Here are two very thoughtful articles posted very recently on his blog. Worth reading and pondering.” (


    “From the Big Picture blog by Barry Ritholtz, I found this very interesting asset allocation survey showing that the mass is moving back into stocks, just as the market is reaching a perilous high.” (

    I am not out to promote my blog. It is really meant as a discussion site among a few friends. But since I referenced your work, I thought that it would be good etiquette to send you trackbacks. So perhaps you will reconsider my trackbacks as legitimate.

  13. I deleted your blog from the blacklist, and removed it from the body of the post.

    That is the problem with the exploits of spammers — otherwise innocents posts get caught in the web

  14. Barry,

    Thank you and I’m sure I will reference your blog again in the future as you have a lot of insightful information.

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