That’s a shame:



I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t April Fools dated . . .

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14 Responses to “Dumb Research of the Day: Dick’s Good, BJ’s Bad”

  1. SINGER says:

    dude… there is a ticker symbol $SPITS – Its a Telecom Sector thing… classic…

  2. Transor Z says:

    Sounds like a more female-friendly portfolio…

  3. chaevans says:

    Steve covers utilities no? Are you sure this wasn’t doctored?

  4. call me ahab says:

    it would appear to cause a quandary for ex-congressman Eric Massa- but I guess he would have to take the good w/ the bad-

  5. VennData says:

    Don’t forget this “research”

    UFO studies should be ‘legitimate university subject’, claims American professor

    …looks like Sarah Palin’s got herself a science advisor.

  6. franklin411 says:

    Wall Street has its priorities @ss backwards, as usual.

  7. MorticiaA says:


    I wondered the same thing; I have access to all Street research through FactSet so I did a filter for DKS. There IS a report written 12 April 2010, but the analysts are Ohmes and Tse, and the headline is “Adding DKS to US1.”

    But the one above IS way funny.

  8. KidDynamite says:

    it’s almost like BankAmerica is giving The Finger to the world with this report… they are mocking us.

    i am praying this is fake.

  9. michaelismoe says:

    When I lived in NJ there was a mall whose three main anchors were BJ’s, Dicks and Seaman’s Furniture. It was like shopping in porno land

  10. bsneath says:

    I think Dick’s sucks. I prefer BJ’s. :}

  11. JF says:

    Look @ Clusterstock — they put the DKS/BJ piece up 25 minutes after TBP. Rip-off.

  12. flipspiceland says:

    At first I thought that this was a whitewash for Dick Fuld of Lehman infamy.

    But at least my mind wasn’t in gutter with the rest of you.

  13. Lugnut says:

    At the risk of being redundant, BJs never suck.