The inimitable Howard Davidowitz on whether he has been completely wrong over the past year and whether America is in the midst of a glorious recovery:

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5 Responses to “Howard Davidowitz: Recovery? What Recovery?”

  1. Haigh says:

    BR thanks for posting…the next step is to see public figures like HD floating ideas identifing spending cut targets….like a 0.75% monthly decrease in federal salaries, federal capital spending, and entitlements until the budget is in surplus.

    When private industry has a revenue shortfall layoffs come quickly the federal government needs similiar fiscal discipline.

  2. blarney says:

    Thinking I would hear his colorful analysis of the retail business, I listened in and was surprised to learn that Howard didn’t even mention retail. I wonder why?

  3. orangeshirt says:

    It’s amazing that more people can’t see just how crazy it has become. Saying we’re recovering right now is like an ant line celebrating their cresting a log in their path. But not realizing the log is at the foot of Mt Everest and life is about to get MUCH tougher on their journey.

  4. victorberry says:

    Mr. Davidowitz should follow his own advice and “put his head to the grindstone” and leave it there until his egomaniacal brain is ground down to normal size. What a blowhard!

    If Davidowitz wants smaller government and a balanced budget, then the only logical places to cut are defense spending and Social Security/Medicare spending. Let’s see how removing $1.5 trillion annually from those big budget items goes over with the American public … no less in the midst of the greatest economic recession/depression ever!

    By the way, let’s give credit where credit is due. The Republican “starve the beast” strategy is about to payoff bigtime with the dismantling of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, not to mention the strangling of the health care reform baby in its crib. It took the Republicans thirty years, but they’re finally on the verge of victory. So, if it’s going to be every man for himself from now on, why do we need government at all? The new name for the USA should be the UTAA (the Ungoverned Tribal Areas of America). Move over Somalia and western Pakistan, there’s a new kid in town.

  5. rch says:

    It is absoultely amazing to me that someone wold think the answer to a problem caused by too much leverage would think more leverage would solve the problem. THAT IS CRAZY!
    The total unfunded mandates total $101 trisllion dollars. Do you ahve any idea how large that number is? So what is the solutin?Higher taxes, which reduces that size of our economy? Monetize the debt and crate inflation? Or cut expenditures. Those are the three soluton sets. so which one is not CRAZY? cutting expenditures is the one way to fiscal resposability.
    Resposability is a tought thing to locae these days.