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John McCain isn’t selling his soul for political gain — he’s driving down its price so he can make a fortune in default swaps on the backend.

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I supported McCain in 2000 — his transformation from Maverick then into just another politician in 2008 was hugely disappointing.

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2 Responses to “John McCain on Shorting, Default Swaps, TBTF”

  1. davefromcarolina says:

    McCain’s visceral reaction to the world is what made him attractive in the first place, because he seemed so un-calculating compared to other professional politicians. But McCain’s “gut” has turned out to be no substitute for intelligence, much as we might wish otherwise. As can be said of various other Republicans. (Oh, my goodness, am I being “partisan” here? Well, yeah…)

  2. Greg0658 says:

    is it possible for a 4th generation soldier to be ceo of a nation such as us .. commander in chief ya ok maybe