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“Porsche 911s and Nissan GT-Rs and Corvette ZR1s are very nice cars and quite quick around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. But they must bow before the new king of the ‘Ring, the Ferrari 599XX.

The 700-horsepower über-Ferrari is the first-ever production-derived sports car to break the 7-minute barrier at the classic 20.832 kilometer Nordschleife (North Loop), a benchmark of automotive performance. The 599XX lapped the track in an astonishing 6 minutes, 58.16 seconds. That’s almost half-a-minute faster than the mighty Ferrari Enzo.”


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Hat tip Howard!


Here is the Top Gear review of the 599

106 Top Gear – Ferrari 599 GTB

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9 Responses to “New King of the Ring: 599XX”

  1. hgordon says:

    Dang – that’s what 300km/h (180mph) looks like (6:30 into the clip). Glad to see they fixed the audio. This might be the coolest video clip ever …

  2. Wow!

    But what’s with all the graffiti all over the track?

  3. beaufou says:


    One of my guilty pleasures after a too-long day at work, Nürburgring on Gran Turismo.

  4. Joe Facer says:

    Check out the Top Gear episode wit Michael Shoe. They also run the 599x. (wit Shoe at the wheel?) Looks more like an F-1 car with fenders than the Lambos/koenigs/constructor cars that the run. Might be as much fun as a built GSXR…..

  5. Possibly the King of the ‘ring….but can’t touch the Queen of the ring:
    This was some seriously impressive driving!

  6. Marc P says:

    On cold day, slightly damp. Imagine warm dry pavement with tires at optimal temperatures.

  7. Joe Facer says:

    Oops, I was thinking about the Ferrari FXX. THAT is REALLY impressive. The 599xx is just another really nice super car.

    This is what I was talking about; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lx_dL41eUDo

    I’d still rather have a MotoGP Ducati/Yamaha or a full on Aprilia Factory WSBK.


  8. bill750 says:

    A ZR-1 at $120k is such a bargain in terms of bang for your buck that it simply blows away most of the competition, including overpriced hardware like the 599. For that matter, I blew away a 911S with my stock Corvette C6 coupe today – for about half the price. I’ll be installing headers, pipes and intake for another 30 to 40 rwhp and another 30 or so rwtq and I’m still in the car for less than $60k. Don’t tell me, “But it still isn’t a Ferrari or Porsche” – that’s just the point. You really need to go test drive a Z06 or ZR-1, or even the new basic C6 coupe with “only” 430 hp – it just might get you back on the right track…