Nice overview of the past quarter, via the WSJ:

U.S. stock prices extended their rally during the first quarter, battling back from a steep February selloff amid continued global economic and political uncertainty.

The trends that had helped share prices stage a remarkable recovery in 2009 continued to provide a favorable backdrop for U.S. stocks. Corporate earnings again came in stronger than expected and the battered U.S. economy continued its convalescence.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 4.1% or 428.58 points during the first quarter, to 10856.63. That marked the Dow’s fourth consecutive quarterly gain and the best first-quarter performance since 1999. The broad Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index rose 4.9% to 1169.43, but remains 25% below its all-time high posted in October 2007.



Bull Muscles Through Tumult
WSJ, APRIL 1, 2010

Category: Markets

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6 Responses to “Q1 Review”

  1. franklin411 says:

    “Republican Senate Victory in Massachusetts …Sends Dow to 15 Month High:” Boy, the WSJ must be using Jim Cramer’s Mad Money as their research department these days!

  2. Rikky says:

    yeah some recovery. my fortune 300 employer is firming up budgets for next fiscal year starting in july. as ugly as last year. once again no raises, 50% of pre-2009 bonus levels, firing more staff, hiring critically needed positions at a fraction of the cost overseas. yep it’s just gettin better all the time!

  3. obenation says:

    That’s some pretty interesting WSJ spin on the Scott Brown victory. If memory serves, the market sold off for the rest of the week after his election… so it would be a stretch to say the “victory” is what was responsible for “sending” the Dow to a new high.

  4. diogeron says:

    I have to agree with Franklin411′s commenta; WTF about Scott Brown’s victory and its relevance here? Looks to me like a classic case of the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy where correlation is confused with causality. To wit, what if he included the “Obama takes the oath of office” in the chart? What would that look like and, once again, where, necessarily, is the relevance?

  5. philipat says:

    Perhaps indicative that Murdoch wants to share content across platforms. In this case from Fox?

  6. wunsacon says:

    Read the first bullet point: “…the DOW opens the new year with a ____”. (Sentence fragment.)