Is Summers living in fantasy land?

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3 Responses to “Summers: Bank Reforms Would Halt ‘Too Big to Fail’ Mentality”

  1. subscriptionblocker says:

    How did we ever get by without derivatives during the “dark days” when we were building a country?

    Why can’t we do everyone a favor and just ban them? Make *every* one null and void – tomorrow?

    Then just sit back and watch these parasites squeal. Think of the smiles on everyone’s faces – outside of Wall Street.

  2. subscriptionblocker says:

    And when the hell will that carpetbagger Summers finally be shown the door? Along with bootlicker Timmay…….

  3. Transor Z says:

    Looks like he’s living in Vicodin or psych med land here. The old intellectual snap-n-polish seems a little muted and slurred. Jeffrey Brown looks uncomfortable. Body language is wrong.