Still recovering from all the travel, but the comic below cracked me up. The only thing Scott Adams missed were a few emotional anecdotes . . .


Source: Dilbert

Be back in a few . . .

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5 Responses to “Bad Analogies, Herd Instinct, Confirmation Bias”

  1. Ken B says:

    I’d be curious to know what year this Dilbert comic came out?

  2. ScrawnyKayaker says:

    “It’s difficult to predicte hydrate formation in that fluid…” (BP)

    unless they were paid to predict it, not downplay it:

    “Gas hydrates are the number one flow assurance issue in deepwater drilling,” Carolyn Koh, an associate professor and co-director of the Hydrate Center, Colorado School of Mines.” From

    Leadership indeed.

  3. dsawy says:

    The date (between the second and third panels) says “5-21-10.”

  4. Ken B says:

    @ dsawy, thx. Not enough coffee yet, I guess. I looked at the text between the first two panels only. Anyway, I take it this is a day in the life at the rating agencies?

  5. alfred e says:

    @SkrawnyKayaker: Great info. Dead on. You Canadian? Calgary or Edmonton?

    See, Americans just don’t match up too well. Here, lordship counts. Meritocracy is dead. Well I guess that counts for Britain and BP as well. Lord Hayward just kissed the Gulf off.

    You quoted American sources, but my guess is they connect better with Canadian companies than US. Ensign is one of those other top notch well-service companies. Slowing moving into WY, CO and the US.