Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett on the nation’s attitude toward Wall Street, the shareholders meeting and his investment in Goldman Sachs.

5/1/2010 5:29:44 PM Fox Business Network

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3 Responses to “Buffett Says Business is on Upswing”

  1. JustinTheSkeptic says:

    His arguments are lacking. I think it’s time for Gramps to hang up the spikes. Everybody treats him with kid-gloves, why?

  2. Simon says:

    He looks at his indicators. They’ve served him well. Why should he change? He likes capitalism it’s essentially red in tooth and claw. What’s clear is that he accepts the down side of lesaffair capitalism.

  3. VennData says:

    “…I haven’t seen anything in Goldman’s behavior that makes it any more subject to criticism than Wall Street generally…” — Warren Buffet.

    This is a legalistically-worded defense. And to defend Moody’s?

    The problem is, that GS created these securities allowing other s to make a one way bet. They, and the rest of Wall Street, replicated these bets over and over, and it put the financial system at risk.'s_Most_Popular

    This is not useful. It should be done on an exchange if you’re going to do it. so the market can provide these dimwitted (so-called sophisticated) money managers a price signal.