This has gone totally viral, even causing a NYT article on Stewart vs Fox: “Jon Stewart’s Punching Bag, Fox News.


Jon apologizes for criticizing Bernie Goldberg and Fox News, but it’s only because they’re a terrible, cynical, disingenuous news organization.

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Jon Stewart’s Punching Bag, Fox News
NYT, April 23, 2010

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7 Responses to “Jon Stewart vs Fox News”

  1. kstills says:

    Quite the interesting social dynamic on display here.

    The libertarian author joining with the leftist comedian to pan Fox and Friends.

    I guess with the Greek crisis over, the economic news cycle is pretty much on pause….*rolls eyes*……

  2. Sunny129 says:

    Simply Hilarious! He deserves a special OSCAR for this episode!

  3. FrancoisT says:

    The Daily Show, the only trustworthy source of TV information in America.

    That should tell us something, shouldn’t it?

  4. AJB says:

    Stewart once criticized CNN for the highly polarized, bombasitc debate on Crossfire. Seems to me he is edging down that road himself. Gets print and attracts eyeballs, I guess.

    On the other had I thought the bit was hilarious and the Fox commentator made it way too easy for Jon.

  5. diogeron says:

    If the fight between Jon Stewart and Fox News were a prizefight, the referee would have already stopped the fight to protect Fox from even more damage to their ever diminishing cognitive functions.

  6. VennData says:

    It’s good to see someone turning the heat up on Fox News. Also check out…

  7. boatman says:

    you wouldn’t know balanced journalism if you saw it