Very cool deconstruction of the iPhone, and the universe that supports it.


via Ben Millen

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8 Responses to “Taxonomy of the iPhone”

  1. subscriptionblocker says:

    Have never owned an Apple product – but was actually considering purchase despite the premium price.

    But given recent Apple “control” activities…have pretty much decided we won’t purchase a product unless title and “right for use” pass immediately to purchaser immediately following transaction. Won’t finance my own prison. “Public” source is often clunky – but it’s mine.

    Believe many developers have finally had enough too…..

    So here’s to you Jobs (thumb on nostril salute) :)

  2. ezduzit says:

    don’t hold your breath; but you can still get a nexus on the cheap.

  3. seems they forgot this part of it..

    “…out of the seventh-floor window of one of Foxconn’s dormitories in Shenzhen.

    Foxconn is the Taiwanese company, also known as Honhai, which manufactures Apple’s iPhone and iPod, as well as goods for just about every major technology company, including Sony, Nintendo, HP and so on.

    However, the company has been plagued by a series of suicides at its plants, particularly at the enormous Longhua plant where over 400,000 people work….”

    I wonder if that, too, was “Designed in Cupertino”?

  4. WaltFrench says:

    Thanks, Barry. A nice reminder that no good deed goes unpunished and no idea for organizing info too useful to be stomped on.

    @subscriptionblocker— good thing that you came here and found out about the “control” activities. Yes, now *I* can see ‘em too: keep the chart at minimum magnification and turn your head about 135 degrees counter-clockwise. You can practically hear Revolution #9′s Satanic Message as you stare at the Picasso-esque figure meant to control your mind. But ps: what product are you saying is very much like the iPad in form or function, let alone being able to compare pricing? (Certainly not the Joojoo or the 2-screen Android reader that crashes every few minutes. Was it the HP FrankenSlate? It’s been canceled.) … Or re: the iPhone: what phone has been for sale for a couple of years that has the easy browsing, synchronization and app store? If you’re comparing it against announced, but not-yet-for-sale devices, what pricing are you holding back from us?

    @ezduzit, your otherwise somewhat off-topic nexus info is for a deprecated product. If you hurry, or buy a used one on eBay (lots of ‘em for some reason!), you’ll still have to contract separately for voice or data, and don’t count on support — as you know, it has been an embarrassment to Google. So it’s not clear what it has to do with low-cost and speedy music downloads, portable internet, voice services, the zillions of innovative apps that bowed on iPhone, and a few of which are shown in the diagram. But yes, it IS about a device that makes a friendly bulge in a pocket. I guess maybe that COULD BE what the chart is about, to a 2-year-old.

    @MarkEH— no, FoxConn is in the top left of the chart. But yes, the chart omits the work that Foxconn does for Sony, Nintendo, HP et al. You know, if you have some evidence of Cupertino’s policies affecting Foxconn’s employees in ways that “Palo Alto’s” or “Minato’s” do not, it’s really your obligation as a citizen to inform the world. Perhaps Mr. Jobs _personally_ was behind the grassy knoll. Thanks in advance for your exceptionally useful insight, even if it suggests that a communist country might have been led down the road to Hell by the various capitalist companies you identify.

  5. [...] – Taxonomy of the iPhone. [...]

  6. V says:


    Why is it when anything Apple is mentioned one feels like WWIII will not be fought over which God one happens to worship but what phone operating system one happens to worship?

    Seriously, what does this say about our society? Furthermore what are the investment implications when this trend reverts to the mean?

  7. subscriptionblocker says:


    Nahhhh…..just other abused old Apple girlfriend. They’ll never understand they were the one nighter (until Apple had the money).

    Then again, nothing like rage of a scorned ……

    Investment trend? How about abuse shelters?