Jim Morin of the Miami Herald:



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27 Responses to “Too Pig to Fail”

  1. patient renter says:

    That is razor sharp.

  2. True, nice.

    and, on the the ‘saving pixels’-motif (B to P), maybe can go with TBTP, as well..

  3. rktbrkr says:


  4. mister_x says:

    Obviously subtlety is not the artist’s strong suit.

  5. mochoajr says:

    Where’s Obama?

  6. ElvisP says:

    Around the back door!

  7. wisedup says:

    where’s SCOTUS? the supreme ennablers

  8. jeffg says:

    Mochoajr – went to the Miami Herald website – even better comic on Obama – http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/05/21/1641817/52310.html

  9. for my own sense, just noticed that “TBTP” is a major typo-

    should have been, TPTP..

  10. AGG says:

    This picture is good but is incomplete. The congress critters should be shown morphing into pigs to show that they are all just “taking care of their own”.
    Also to show how out of touch many senators and reps are, they often mention their many years in congress as if that was something to be proud of rather than a source of intense shame. I shudder every time Leahy talks about his 30 plus years “serving the people”. Right! Yoiu were there for Iran-Contra, Wilson’s wars, deregulation, the Greenspan Social Security “fix”, the Greenspan tax table sabotage for the middle class, the gutting of punitive regulation that served as a deterrent to boundless, irrisponsible financial greed and the naming of the RATS (Roberts, Alito, Thomas and Scalia) to the presidential selection and corporate front committee.

    The only thing I can say for Leahy and most of the other amoral congress critters is that they weren’t there for the supreme insult perpetrated on the U.S. taxpayer by none other than Milton Friedman when he convinced our government to legislate tax withholding . The fact that the federal government and most states charge interest and/or penalties if you don’t withhold enough is an outrage. But then, there are so many outrages that I have lost count. We have a criminal syndicate disguised as a government. They just think we are ignorant morons and/or we simply don’t have the power to stop the relentless corruption.

    Maybe they are right.

  11. jjay says:

    AGG said, ” But then, there are so many outrages that I have lost count. We have a criminal syndicate disguised as a government. They just think we are ignorant morons and/or we simply don’t have the power to stop the relentless corruption . Maybe they are right.”

    AGG, that is a spot on analysis of the average American citizens position!
    No way out for us as far as I can see!

  12. royrogers says:

    HA HA, this is a good one !!!

  13. AGG says:

    This from Danny Schechter:

    “What a scandal inside this scandal. The Financial Services industry spent a fortune buying political influence for deregulating and decriminalizing their industry before housing bubbled so they could later claim their chicanery and scams were legal.

    Then, the investment banks and hedge funds worked with the real estate and insurance industries to commit a massive fraud against the American people while “extracting trillions for themselves. They then had the chutzpah to criticize homeowners as irresponsible.”

    Danny is right. This corruption combined with the Orwellian experts in the media who’s job is to ensure most people are thoroughly confused is a huge problem. However, the internet has put a crimp in the PR status quo. The “mistakes” made in finance are seen as crimes committed by carreer criminals in business and government. No amount of Friedmanite cheerleading is going to get us to forget that there are people running the place that would kill us for profit without a second thought. This “dirt” isn’t going to be whitewashed.

    I believe that, since 2006, an increasing percentage of the populace has slowly moved out of the “accepted” thought patterns. They are not making a lot of noise about it but they no longer believe in stocks, bonds or insurance annuity plans. They are engaging in alternate plans which cannot be accessed by the financial vampires. This is a sea change. People used to trusting institutions and the law. They no longer do. I believe this will destroy our currency and financial system eventually. Finance without integrity and honesty is just bad business. When the “good will” on your balance sheet is in negative territory, any accountant will tell you your business is in trouble.

    The people will survive. The pigs that are loaded with ill-gained wealth will live to regret destroying the integrity of the system.

  14. nemo says:

    “Where’s Obama?”
    “where’s SCOTUS? the supreme ennablers”

    And the Treasury Dept.? And the Fed? And the President’s advisers?

  15. nemo says:

    Just look up Rahm Emanuel’s and Larry Summers’s “money for nothing” jobs they held after the Clinton White House and before the Obama White House.

    Look up Stephen Friedman, former Chairman of the NY Fed and former director at GS, and his little adventures in insider trading while influencing the AIG’s 100 cents on the dollar payout to GS. Why hasn’t the SEC gone after him yet?

    Oh yeah, and where’s the SEC in that cartoon?

  16. nemo says:

    “Just look up Rahm Emanuel’s and Larry Summers’s “money for nothing” jobs they held after the Clinton White House and before the Obama White House.”

    To be fair, I don’t think Rahm Emanuel’s and Larry Summers’s “money for nothing” jobs were any worse than Dick Cheney’s “money for nothing” job at Halliburton. But they’re no better. All these guys got hired for their political connections and access, not because they brought any special expertise to the job.

  17. alfred e says:

    Actually Danny said it well. But AGG posted it.

  18. d4winds says:

    Funny, yes; but completely irrelevant. In the Fall of ’08, we the people bailed out the investment banks w/ $11 trillion in toxic asset guarantees, FDIC guarantees on the debt of spectacularly insolvent institutions, etc, etc–& of course TARP. All breathed a collective sigh of relief that–laws, precedents, etc, etc notwithstanding–the financial system had been “saved”,l Main Street was “saved”, & the 401Ks were “saved.” Ordinary bankruptcy laws were somehow insufficient & it was “unwise” to let them prevail; investment banking was, unlike King John in 1215, above the law. Politically we have reaped what we have sown. Congress, the President, & the Sec. of Treasury–neither from this administration nor the Bush one– may or may not be on the take. Irrelevant. They ARE doing the people’s will & pursuing the logical consequences of it. “The financial system” has been identified now, irrevocably so, with a handful of large private players. Breaking them up would mean destroying “the financial system”; that may not be an economic fact but is definitely a political one, and has been since Sep ’08. Crimping risky derivative trading & not putting taxpayer money at risk from guarantees? Get real; the time for THAT passed in Oct ’08. Deal with it. I do not like the reality we have created for ourselves & wish it different but it is not.

  19. Greg0658 says:

    AGG +digg from me too .. net-neutrality is a big deal .. some kind of REAL polling device via the phones and the internet is needed – & since we understand this world – seperate from corporate and government and union influence would be a base requirement of this poll ….

    Chris Matthews Show final thought on Memorial Day inception ie Civil War

    d4winds a +-digg from me .. ya had me going for awhile then the notion of firefighter for GOP started to infect me …. I am not sure how this all ends .. I certainly don’t want to open the Book of Life at RIPday and see I was loose with a campfire .. but my gut tells me these days are the starts of wars

  20. flipspiceland says:

    She needs three more teats for Moody’s, Fitch, and Standard and Poor’s.

  21. engineerd1 says:

    The financial industry is the pig of the day? To the extent they are, so are we all. It amuses me to listen to liberals who howl like frustrated 2 year olds “you can’t legislate morality!”, at every attempt to order civil society, with yet bristle like school marms about every supposed sin of business. The ultimate irony to me is number of tisking financial professionals who swing these hickory switches….I know you guys were brainwashed by leftist buffoons in our major universities, but doesn’t the worst of them still have a class or two on critical thinking? There is really no excuse for the matrix you lie in.

  22. d4winds says:

    Greg0658 ,
    Nope, not a firefighter for the GOP but am a realist & believe that investment bankers are capable of learning from mistakes–especially when they made by bankers who look just like them are no more–and that politicians are capable of learning from bankers, especially when the bankers want the politicians to prevent the bankers themselves from pursuing what they have learned to be a myopically profitable but ultimately cataclysmic course.

  23. AGG says:

    Law, morality, ethics and justice appear like hurdles in a track race to the financial and political world. The race itself is a PR event. Before each race you monkey with each of the hurdles to try to make them easier to jump over.

    If you hit one, you always say it was a “mistake”.

    Perception mangement works until it doesn’t. In the meantime we will continue to have calloused, amoral individuals urging us all to “get real” or to “live with it”.

    No thanks. I’d rather die poor than live rich in your sewer.

  24. Greg0658 says:

    hi again d4winds,
    I guess I consider myself a firefighter for Democrat causes .. I sorta feel they fight for labor worker causes .. the GOP is the fighter for management causes .. I also feel management has the power of money .. I feel common workers have the power of numbers .. I also feel money trumps numbers – at least to the point of all out war

  25. jimc1004 says:

    Well put Greg0658!

    I’m a big fan of Jim Morin, but I think the current NY Magazine cover [May 31 2010 issue] with a picture of Obama [looking like a perturbed Mr. Spock] and Blankfein [looking his Ferengi-est] is more to the central issue of the debate, and pretty funny, too, though probably it was subconscious / unintentional.

    A lot of folks on Wall Street desperately want to re-direct all the blame / responsibility on under-funded regulatory agencies or on government in general, but those couple hundred Millions in campaign cash are dwarfed by the several Trillions vacumned up in bank bailouts, free loans from Treasury, and general access to Uncle Sam’s checkbook. “Oh, the regulators [that we weakened or subverted every chance we could] should have stopped us!”. It’s like a 10 year old claiming we never told him he shouldn’t have a barbeque inside the house. :-p


    I’m still voting / hoping for the Vulcan to come out on top over the Ferengi!