Today, I am in Las Vegas for the SALT II conference:

I am on a panel discussion about regulation, reform and bailouts with Austan Goolsbee, Advisor to President Obama, and Bill Thomas, Vice Chairman of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.

Should be fun . . .  be sure to stop me and say hello if you are anywhere in the area.



The conference agenda is online in either web or PDF format.

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8 Responses to “Washington & Wall Street: The New Regulatory Regime”

  1. hgordon says:

    Just drove through Vegas yesterday on our way home from daughter’s college graduation and would have loved to say hi. Weather was great, but Nevada Highway Patrol was handing out tickets faster than the Treasury is issuing new debt – never seen anything like it.

  2. Greg0658 says:

    LOL – revenue rangers doing their part to import foreign cash

  3. Louis Louis says:

    Wow, stellar line up

    How the hell did you get yourself invited to that?

  4. Practice!

    I spoke at the NY Hedge Fund Roundtable earlier this year — some of the people that produce this conference were there, and the rest is history

  5. JustinTheSkeptic says:

    Homey, you deserve everything you get. Now if only Larry was able to listen to sanity???

  6. Clay says:

    Congratulations Barry. Glad to see you are getting some well deserved respect from industry peers and others. Just hope the White House guy listens and others on Capitol Hill. That’s an impressive lineup of conference participants. I noticed Frank Abagnale was the lunch speaker today. Loved the movie about his early life as a thief.

  7. scharfy says:

    SALT II?

    Strategic Arms Limitation Talks? That’s where Joe Biden made his bones. Say hi to Breznev.

    Anyhow, seriously – impressive damn lineup!!!!! Up there with the Milken Institute lineup..

  8. TakBak04 says:

    BR…So Glad you are out there in Vegas at that Conference! Hubby was out there a couple months ago…and it’s interesting the recations folks have at Vegas Conferences…for good or bad.. (Hubby felt the place is Excessive! :D

    Anyway….hope you can get the “Ear” of Austan Goolsbee who seems closer to Chicago School of thought from Friedman than what my sense of YOU is…and that the Mouth of YOU goes through Goolsbee to the Obama Administration with all your “Fixes” you have in your BOOK about what went wrong!


    I’ve always liked that Mike Kaminsky guy from CNBC’s FAST MONEY. He was on the show tonight cautioning everyone…and even though he’s a “Fast Talker”..on “Fast Money” he always makes sense to me. He always seems to be “light on Regulation of Markets” but good on the MORAL ISSUES… “Moral Hazard?”

    Give him a “HI! and High FIVE! from one of BR’s Posters on the “BIG PICTUR” for me! :D