Very cool info for sailors, hikers, campers, etc.

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3 Responses to “How to Forecast Weather”

  1. randomletters says:

    I remember some years ago, I was out camping. I was sitting around the breakfast table with P, when V showed up. P and V are old friends.

    “Hey V, think it’ll rain?”

    “Give me a beer, would you P?”

    V took a big sip, put it on the table, and the two friends started chatting. About 10 minutes later, V looked at his can of beer, and the line on the outside between the cold liquid and the warmer top part with the air. “I don’t think it’ll rain”.

    It didn’t rain. That poster describes why. The colder part of the can collected moisture where the air hit the cold, but the top part had dried very quickly. Showing air with a drying effect that could accept moisture.

    Foolish me. I’d just thought V was thirsty. Once he answered, I thought about it, and understood what he’d done. But I’d never thought of using a can of beer as a hydrometer before that.

  2. You’re taking me back to my half year in weather forecasting in grade 9. Learned a lot. It is amazing though that after some years most of that stuff becomes instinctual.

    Being a wet coaster I knew the one about the gulls. We get tons of them ‘towing the clouds’ in with them.

    I never heard the plant one before but there are times when the flowers seems to be really strong and noticeable. I always thought it was some sort of mating season for the plant with them signaling the birds and bees to fly by. Maybe it’s that too. I’ll check that rain forecast out next time I notice it

  3. deanscamaro says:

    Its not so tough in figuring out how to best predict weather. The forecaster with the tallest tower can see the furthrest and can see coming weather; ergo: build the higher tower and you can be the best forecaster. Not so tough to figure out.