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This was a really fun interview — after it was over, we spoke for about 10 minutes, and i went off on a jag that was amusing, profane, and broadcast worthy.

I hope we get to do that again . . .

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7 Responses to “In or out? Where to put your money now”

  1. WolfStreet says:

    Nice talk BR. Seems you’re much more out than in then:p

    Also, @Cognos and f11, and every ubber optimistic:how much are you willing to bet that we’re on the wrong track? like this: for example.

  2. rileyx67 says:

    re. your comment on your investors saying don’t pay you fees to sit in cash…I with you and a number of my Mutual Funds which at times hold large quantities in same for JUST those decisions. As Grantham calls it, that’s “career” risk, but better you and the Fund Managers than me making such, of most critical importance to overall long term returns. Have courage!

  3. cewing says:

    Considering the amount of money that’s already lost in transaction fees, as well as the monumental technological and informational advantages professional traders and insiders have, unless someone has at least six figures to spend I don’t think the individual investor should be in the market at all.

    If anyone has the cash to spend, I would advise using 10% maximum for gambling money (either in Vegas or on Wall Street), and using the rest to pay off debts and build savings.

    And if someone comes along trying to sell you gold, platinum, some other hard asset because the world’s going to hell and the dollar will soon be crap, ask yourself this – if what they say is true, why are they so eager to give you their supposedly more valuable goods in exchange for your soon-to-be-worthless greenbacks?

  4. VennData says:

    At the moment, the best place to put your money is on Brazil in their opener against North Korea.

    You can get 1/9 odds… a ten percent-plus return in one day.

    Money managers, make your annual bogey and sit back for the rest of the year.

    I’m thinking dropping the entire NW on it. In the highly unlikely (1/9?) event that I lose, it’ll be quite a story.

  5. Dick Watson says:

    Thanks for doing this NPR piece Barry. I listen to NPR all the time, read your blog because you come closest to my investment philosophy. I agree with riley, above. You are paid for your judgment. Sometimes nothing is a real cool hand.

  6. Mark Down says:

    CAT..Up about a buck this a.m. Could it be on hopes of trillion dollar dreams in Afganny!

  7. ToNYC says:

    Afghanistan born again as the Mississippi Company. No effort will be spared to the real environmental, political, and military cost which will exceed any value put on the foreign state’s goods.
    We have only to look at the completely ignored similar accounting for US’s crude oil fix that will foul our it FUBAR for starters. It’s always different this time says the fox to the chickens.