Awesome game 7 of the NBA Finals –

Got home from a Minyanville event around 10:15 pm. Watched the first half of the game on Tivo — by the the time the 2nd half started, I was caught up with the live game.

Just a terrific series.


Of course, this means 4 hours sleep — and I will be worthless tomorrow . . .

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13 Responses to “Lakers: Back to Back Titles”

  1. Rikky says:

    basketball is horrifically boring. the league continues to decrease in prominence due to lack of interest.

  2. great king rat says:

    Rape is bad. Therefore, it’s too bad the Lakers won.

  3. Stephen says:

    I love the Lakers, it’s in my blood. But, you have to absolutely *love* hearing Ron Artest thank his psychiatrist after the game. That was classic Artest.

  4. philipat says:

    In Europe, that’s a game played by young ladies which we call “Netball”.

    In the real ball action in SA, your game would be a “Hand ball” offense!!

  5. Just a terrific series.


    even Kobe doesn’t know how they Won that Game (7)..

    (the C’s, obviously, really missed Perkins..)

    the “Black Mamba” is the best in the Game, today..

    here’s hoping He wins 2, +, more before he decides to hang up the High-Tops..

  6. EAR says:

    The Lakers have an impressive list of championship centers… Wilt, Kareem, Shaq and a camel.

  7. Robert M says:

    It was until the last 10 minutes a very good game. It was roughly then that Ray Allen drew the absolute terrible call when Kobe went up for his bogus three point shot.
    While it seems like a Celtic fan complaint, it is more an acknowledgment that TV technology has out paced the game and made it unwatchable. From multiple views it became a question of what the ref saw. If you are sitting at the game you have only your vantage point, your “homer” instinct and the idea that the ref is doing the best he can. You are believing he is doing the best he can to get into position to see(which he can’t because the players can move that ball because of their physical ability-see Gasol’s shot when blocked by two Celtics hitting the ball and not dislodging it). So you have to accept their call. But when it is reviewed ad nasuem(any play) and you see the same situation not called-no foul on Gasol when he comes over Garnett’s back on a dunk and no foul call.
    So it’s good bye to televised sports. I won’t miss the frustration. My teams Sixer’s-I was there for every game that yr, the White Sox and the Bears brought me a championship during my lifetime so I’ve no complaint.

  8. The Curmudgeon says:

    Few things in life are more enjoyable than watching the best athletes in the world battle it out for dominance. I loved the series, even if my beloved Celtics lost. The Celtics had the best team, the Lakers had the best players. For what he’s done with the Celtics, Doc Rivers is the best coach the NBA has seen in a long time. Not to take away from Phil Jackson, but really, how much coaching is required when youv’e got Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant on the floor?

  9. BTUR says:

    With all due respect from a regular lurker to Mark Hoffer, calling Kobe the best in the game is an absolute joke. As for last night’s game, the explanation is easy – the Lakers won because of they dominated the glass and played great defense. Not having Perkins killed the Celtics, as Davis and Rasheed are horrendous on the glass (and not very good in general, especially Davis)….but then again, a healthy Bynum and the series is over before game 7, anyways.

  10. drey says:

    “how much coaching is required when youv’e got Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant on the floor?”

    A lot, when you consider that KB went 6 for 24 from the floor last night.

    In fact, getting what he got from Artest the last two games – which was the difference between winning and losing the series – is one of Phil’s greatest coaching achievements, period.

  11. Jonathan says:

    I would have loved to see the Celtics win, but congratulations to the Lakers. They earned the title.

  12. mbelardes says:

    I called Lakers in 5 on one of the boards here a few weeks ago but … I can live with seven.

    @ BTUR, Kobe is clearly the best in the game right now. To state otherwise is a joke. 6 for 24 against that defense with two guys on him at all times isn’t THAT bad. The only reason it looks bad is because everyone is used to Kobe making impossible shots all the time. With difficulty scoring, Kobe played fierce defense and rebounded the hell out of the ball. He put it in hot hands and facilitated that offense. It was Kobe that gave Ron Ron the ball for that big 3 at the end. THAT is why the man is the best in the game.

    Need a Comparable? What did LeBron James do against the Celtics when things weren’t working out? He folded like a lawn chair.