Fitch downgrades Spain, China’s growth slows, but if you want to know the real reason markets are soft:  I am traveling today to San Francisco to speak to a conference of Financial Planners, so — naturally — the markets are under pressure:


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7 Responses to “Markets Under Pressure”

  1. prozach says:

    Time to start publishing your travel schedule so the rest of us can make money on it ;-)

  2. constantnormal says:

    That does it! I am hereby writing my Congressfolk, demanding federal legislation that Barry Ritholtz’s travel plans be published 30 days in advance, to avoid the foreknowledge of such plans being used to “manipulate markets” and damage the national well-being …

    This Ritholtz character is no less a threat to the national well-being than is the Goldman Sachs trading battle-bot software … we need to bring in Homeland Security, for the safety of the rest of us.

  3. constantnormal says:

    I envision something akin to the Google 767, a flying quant shop + trading floor, with BR sporting a monocle and wearing a fiendish grin, standing on the balcony overlooking a market-wrecking HFT operation … [cue the evil cackle]

  4. Ken B says:

    I would cue the Dr Evil laugh …

  5. franklin411 says:

    Well I’m a little peeved at American Airlines because they keep cutting service (and they seem determined to utterly neuter their service to Boston!), but there is one benefit: in flight internet access!

  6. X on the MTA says:

    ehhh. the action is kind of weak. I mostly follow water utilities and I’m not too impressed. A few things are expensive and a few things are well priced, but nothing is exceptionally cheap with the exception of maybe VE/VIE, but then there’s the matter of having to hedge the euro exposure. Plus VIE is dancing with the death cross, which makes me want to shy away until I see what happens

  7. philipat says:

    Don’t give away your travel schedule, this could become a new revenue generator via annual suscriptions. And you could entertain offers to travel for the highest price, just like a Ratings Agency, from the highest bidder.