Hmmmm, turbo . . .

Give me 600 politically incorrect ponies any day . . .

Hat tip Mike R

BMW M Boss confirms next M5 powered by a V8 turbocharged

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3 Responses to “New M5: 600HP Turbocharged V8”

  1. hainesr98 says:

    Nice! Let’s hope the Polly Pocket paint job was to obscure details on the test mule, and won’t be available on the showroom floor!

  2. impermanence says:

    Personally, I prefer Porsche’s, but the obsession with bhp needs to move on. Has everybody turned into a sixteen year old male? 600hp in a 5-series BMW? What a great metaphor for a culture seriously out of balance.

  3. kanigetts says:

    Really, all that horsepower and no where to drive. It’s always the M3 guys having all the fun, the M5 and 6s might as well be Camrys for all the hard driving they see. If you want driving fun, get off the road and onto a track. You can pick up an E30 BMW and throw in a turbo for well under $10k and have a hell of a time on a track or autocross. A few weekends on a track is more fun than a lifetime of owning over powered and overpriced sports cars. Unless you drive those cars for other reasons…