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3 Responses to “Nuke the Oil Leak (Part II)”

  1. sshoap says:

    I saw an oil exec on the NBC Evening News say that BP did not want to
    consider the “drastic” act of imploding the well.

    Questions about exploding the well were morphed into the idea of using an atomic weapon,
    and that idea was quickly dismissed. Is there a red herring here? Something stinks.

    The IED’s in Iraq are “improvised” and cause huge explosions.
    Surely we have large, non-nuclear explosive devices that can snap a pipe.

    I believe that we might bury an explosive device half way down the distance that the existing pipe
    is buried into the sea floor. An explosion would cut it in half, and the mud around the ends would stop the flow.

    Please try to get some discussion going on imploding the well.

  2. genomik says:

    This really reminds me of a Sci Fi movie where it is so bad that all that the govs and such can do is make up bullshit lies. My feeling is that we have wounded the Earth, not a little scratch like we have done, rather a large piece of damage. How do you stop this? Its the deepest well ever, there is not much experience.

    The reason ya need a nuke is cos it makes alot of heat, whereas regular exposives dont produce so much heat. Problem w nuke is that if it dont work then the well is poisoned and it may be more difficult to work with.

    Maybe a giant vacuum cleaners undrwater.