I mentioned on Monday I was presenting to the Reuters editors. A few of you have emailed me asking for where all of the commentary is.

Short answer: Not really sure..

Longer answer: Here are as many of the discussions and excerpts that I could find:

Dollar better alternative to euro: Ritholtz

Weak U.S. labor market shadows investors

• Accelerating auto sales on strategists’ radar

Jobs growth not as strong

Zig when everybody zags

That last one was kind of an after thought . . .



The full run of the entire Reuters summit is here:  blogs.reuters.com/summits

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6 Responses to “Reuters Investment Summit (Media)”

  1. JustinTheSkeptic says:

    So we are in a technical rally without any beef. How high can technical rallys go without any beef? Oh, all the way from the March lows….

  2. Captain Jack says:

    What an awesome photo on the zig zag link.

    “Why indeed my good fellows, I am in fact contemplating a zig post-haste…”

  3. Robespierre says:

    Barry not to rain on your parade but how does this affect your comment on auto sales?


    From Neal Boudette and Sharon Terlep at the WSJ: Auto-Sales Optimism Fades

    According to AutoData, light vehicle sales were up 17.2% over the first five months of 2010 – compared to the same period in 2009. This was an increase from 3.95 million to 4.63 million cars and light trucks.

    However – according to Boudette and Terlep – fleet sales were up 32% during the first five months, and sales to individuals were only up 13%.

    And without individual buyers it will be hard to maintain sales growth.

    George Pipas, the top sales analyst at Ford Motor Co., said he is seeing evidence that consumers are deferring decisions on major purchases, in large part because home values and income growth haven’t rebounded.

    “These are two things that really have to happen before you will see auto sales move up more significantly,” Mr. Pipas said.

  4. HKPaul says:

    Hi Barry, I was just wondering what your view of peer-to-peer lending sites such as lending club and prosper.com is. Would you advise p to p as some sort of diversification, or do you have any opinion on it in general?

  5. newguy says:

    BR any truth to this article re a shit jobs number coming in June?

    TrimTabs Investment Research Inc. tracks the real-time jobs picture by monitoring income tax deposits at the Treasury. And these have suddenly started falling. Based on the latest data, the firm predicts the economy will actually lose up to 200,000 jobs, net, in June. “The big news is that we have a job loss of about 200,000 coming in June,” says Trim Tabs’ Madeline Schnapp, “and the market isn’t ready for it.”