One of the regular requests into the Big Picture inbox is the idea of doing some sort of regular broadcast — a radio show, an audio podcast, a video segment.  I am intrigued by the idea, but there are a few hurdles that need to be overcome:

• I have zero interest in doing anything lo-fi. (Skype is out !)

• This should be about the people I have access to (everyone from Rosie to Ratigan) and not about me.

• The production values need to be decent — a desk and 2 chairs are fine — but I want to have the ability to show charts and graphs and the like.

• It needs to satisfy clients who get perturbed when we “give it away.”

One reader suggestion was to do a 30-45 minute video podcast, sell the full show on iTunes, but put 3-5 minute snippets up on the blog. (Not a bad idea) A friend suggested doing an audio simulcast, which is smaller, lighter and cheaper.

I looked into this, and the costs of shooting, editing and hosting are about $5k per week. (You can do it cheaper, but it looks worse). This can be paid for via advertisements, or by subscriptions. All of this can be done on iTunes, and then migrated to YouTube for free 12 Months later.


What are your thoughts on this? Is it worthwhile to explore? What is something like this worth per month — an audio podcast for full video show — if anything ?

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  1. Becky says:

    I suspect there may be some people like me who don’t do iTunes.

    Could you do something like Yahoo’s Tech Ticker and charge $5-10 via Paypal to view it? I would gladly pay for it if it had actionable market commentary and not just economic opinions that are already all over the blogosphere.

  2. jpmist says:

    I’ll be the first nay-sayer here and admit a bias against watching talking head shows, regardless of their quality. Seeing guys wearing ties sitting in chairs talking simply isn’t interesting. Unless you plan to show a lot of charts, listening is much more useful to me since I can do that in my car, commuting while running etc.

    Why not test the waters a bit with a weekly podcast, much like Aaron Task had a few years ago?

  3. Wes Schott says:

    i would listen to your audio podcast…along with the others i listen to, in fact i think it could be quite good, you don’t have to have the video, and you could simply link your “presentation materials” on your site…oh, btw, no itunes required, simply link your “mp3″ of the audio to your site as well, peeps download directly to their player…i- or not…

  4. paloo says:

    Don’t do it Barry!

    The eclectic and thought-provoking nature of your blog would be obliterated by “yet another” talking head gig. And don’t underestimate the time and effort to produce this on a regular basis.

    You also run the risk of underwhelming audience who have come to expect the gee-whiz flash graphics of CNBC.

    My two cents.

  5. dead hobo says:

    One bridge too far.

  6. JustinTheSkeptic says:

    BR, my thoughts turn to a Jerry Springer, ” like” financial show where your guests confront one another’s true feelings about the market and the economy. It gets so tiring listening to all the pudits talk their books to death. All of us out here in ether land realize that the market is a complex creature and that no one is going to get it right even 40% of the time, but to have an honest to goodness educated debate on the subject would be enlightening for sure.

  7. crucialtaunt says:

    Check out Leo Laporte’s (of ye olde techtv) set up at He seems to have set up a very high quality output studio on a (relatively speaking) shoestring budget.

  8. DM RTA says:

    What will a video do that a podcast won’t ?
    I found your low tech blog not quite seven years ago and come back for the different perspective from the mainstream crowd of soundbites.
    Why compete with the video crowd many levels above you? Your voice is fairly distinctive.

    What is your value proposition for TBP? I don’t think a video segment will enhance it.

    If there were another crisis and some new developments demanded more attention b/c the mainstream was missing or avoiding them, then I would push a podcast with your A list of contacts.

    Barry, question: How many people hours go into monitoring your comment section per week?

  9. jdjed says:

    Do something laid back like your podcast with Jonathan Miller. Keep it simple.

  10. Arturo says:

    The crowd:

    Here is what we want:

    -Actionable money making ideas —
    -No advertising
    -Podcast for my convenience

    And if it takes you 40 hours a week to put together, so be it.

    * Sarcasm mode off *

  11. schmoo says:

    I’d watch it. I watch Scott Bleier every morning on UStream, C-SPAN on the web, Denninger on BlogTalk, Tech Ticker, etc. Radio and TV are dead. The web is where it’s at. You’re are free to speak your mind and the content is available right away and you can drop everything and release content when there’s breaking news. I wouldn’t sweat lofi/hifi – all people really want is quality content and the ability to read the charts if you utilize them.

  12. Land Shark says:

    Longtime lurker, first time commenter:

    From a business perspective, I have to agree with Arturo — the requested podcasts sounds like a whole lot of work, do not follow any of your stated requirements, and have no upside for you.

    I would be willing to pay (by subscription or advertisement) for a quality video or audio podcast if it were unique and not found anywhere else. Someone else said the same old people talking their book doesn’t work, and I agree.

    Can you explain in more detail what you want to do?

  13. Sure, I can give you more details — but this is still a work in progress:

    I like the idea of interviewing people you don’t get to see that often on TV — at least, not for 30- 45 minutes of uninterrupted discussion. In my mind’s eye, I imagine a version of Louis Rukeyeser’s Wall Street Week meets Inside the Actors Studio — thoughtful, deliberate, not frenetic.

    I would want to hit 3 segments every interview:

    1) Career path: How did you become ____ ? School, early jobs, mentors, etc. That is a fascinating area no one discusses much.
    2) Methodology: How do you do your job? What do you look at? There are 10,000 ____s, what do you do that is special?
    3) Where are we now in the market/economic cycle? Future expectations

    No one is doing anything remotely like thi — is it because there is no interest, are TV stations underestimating the intelligence of the viewing public, is it merely overlooked, oris this a lousy idea ?

  14. Bill in SF says:

    Barry, your idea sounds a bit like Cringely’s Nerd TV, but for financials rather than technology. He could probably offer a few words of advice on what works and what doesn’t.

    I’d view them if they weren’t too long or boring. Your 3 segment idea looks good.


    BR: I know Cringely from years ago (Introduced him to I should tag him about this . . .

  15. louis says:

    ” It needs to satisfy clients who get perturbed when we “give it away.”

    This would seem to be your biggest issue. It would be cool if people could call in also. I remember when your were doing the book stuff on C-span, Granted all the questions were not ground breaking but it was cool to hear the common man be educated, not talked down to like Ramsey and Orman do.

    Number 1 that you list is the cool stuff for me. Nothing like living history lessons. I see it as a Charlie Rose type show. You might not always agree with the guest but at least it’s an intellectual exchange of ideas.

    Now would I pay for it?

  16. Joey says:

    “I looked into this, and the costs of shooting, editing and hosting are about $5k per week.” – Sounds pretty rich.
    Granted I’ve been out of the production biz for a few years but I do frequently keep in touch with people in the industry and they all say prices continue to come down. I would imagine you can do better.


    BR: There is a range from free to a $75k. $3-5k is on the low end, but it is near tv broadcast quality . . .

    One attractive option is the Howard Stern recorded radio studio, fixed 3 camera approach. Relatively cheap to shoot and edit, it creates both an audio and video version.

  17. Joey says:

    p.s. its a good idea though.

  18. TakBak04 says:

    Becky Says:
    June 5th, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    I suspect there may be some people like me who don’t do iTunes.

    Could you do something like Yahoo’s Tech Ticker and charge $5-10 via Paypal to view it? I would gladly pay for it if it had actionable market commentary and not just economic opinions that are already all over the blogosphere.


    BR Says:

    Barry Ritholtz Says:
    June 5th, 2010 at 7:18 pm

    Sure, I can give you more details — but this is still a work in progress:

    I like the idea of interviewing people you don’t get to see that often on TV — at least, not for 30- 45 minute uninterrupted. In my mind’s eye, I imagine a version of Louis Rukeyeser’s Wall Street Week meets Inside the Actors Studio. — thoughtful, deliberate, not frenetic.

    I would want to do 3 segments every interview:

    1) Career path: How did you become ____ ? School, early jobs, mentors, etc. That is a fascinating area no one discusses much.
    2) Methodology: How do you do your job? What do you look at? There are 10,000 ____s, what do you do that is special?
    3) Where are we now? Future expectations?

    No one is doing anything like this — is it because there is no interest, or is it merely overlooked?


    I wouldn’t subscribe to something on I-Tunes. I’m with what “Becky” above says. And, thinking if you could start a show with 1-3 Guests and do what you are proposing but link it to your site then have an opition if one wanted to “pay per view” rather than Subscribing…for awhile until you see what the real “interest is” amongst your site viewers might be a more prudent financial way to go.

    It would be nice to “test it out” for your viewers here to get the “bugs” worked out…and, also check out the interest for your format and work upward revising based on the interest. I hope you will keep the Fee Per View within reason but allow an option if one want’s to subscribe for a lower fee.

    If it’s just an “Interview Show” it might not get as much interest as your opinions or guests opinions about markets. But, as you said, your investors might not like you giving advice away.

    Still…there are so many sites these days that can pay or get analysts views for free these days, it would be hard to compete with that …at this time. As things get tighter in our economy, maybe not so many are going to want to give away “free” to the current Web Sites or Financial News Networks.

    In that case, you are probably “ahead of the time” in trying to formulate something that will have value and be a cross between the old and the new models of financial interviewing. Today we get little background about people and mostly “Talking the Book.” AAron Trask does a nice job in his interviews but seems constricted in how much in “depth” he can do.

    Anyway…Hope you start out on this site and then let it grow starting with lower fee until you see how it goes. If you get a BIG BACKER for your Idea here…then Go for it and charge what you want wherever you want to put it or whoever wants to place your program.

    Will be sad to lose your Blog, though…

  19. Sam P. says:

    Do it Barry! Building it on the Rukeyeser model is a great idea: educational, good humored, conversation with integrity. Anything that provides an antidote to the tons of BS “content” being pushed at us from MSNBC all the way to the White House. Your the guy who can do it, Barry, and I’d subscribe to that!

  20. bergsten says:

    Use NYU media students as free interns for the production.

  21. contrarian says:


    I am an Internet Marketer. This is the kind of work I do. I might be able to make a couple suggestions based on what you want and what your readers have suggested.

    First, thanks for asking your readers for their opinion. Great start. In return, you’ve received thoughtful suggestions.

    Some people prefer text only.

    Some people prefer text and charts/graphs.

    Some people prefer text, charts/graphs, audio & video.

    Your decision, Barry, is to determine the extent to which you want to REACH and EXPAND your influence.

    If a majority of your current readers are content with what you provide, you might stop there.

    If you believe the majority *always* will prefer what you’re currently doing, then status quo it is.

    When I encounter people seeking to expand their message & grow their base, this is how I start.

    1. Why do they want to integrate a different format?

    2. How will this different format enhance and/or benefit them, their current base & new people?

    3. Who’s doing what they think they want to do?

    4. What is the budget?

    Barry, you said you want to interview “shakers” not often featured. GREAT.

    Question for you: Does your vision necessitate your guests need to be physically present with you during the interview?

    If your intent is to offer quality information using quality AUDIO, CHARTS/GRAPHS & VIDEO (and your guests do not need to be physically with you), you might consider webinars.

    With a webinar you can integrate:

    1. Text
    2. Audio
    3. Video (yes, you can create & integrate higher quality video feeds).
    4. Charts/Graphs

    This recorded webinar easily can be syndicated to audio & video directories all over the Internet including audio only and/or audio/video (iTunes et al) podcasts. Keep in mind, guys, a podcast is NOT just audio. You create a feed and syndicate the feed to all podcast directories.

    Unless your technical requirements are greater than you’ve indicated, you will not need to spend $1,000 /week…not even a 1/3 of that.

    Yet, that depends on our technical requirements.

    Unless you or any of your readers work full-time in Internet Marketing as I do (talking and working with big name IMers) you might be surprised to hear you do NOT need Hollywood-level production to connect with and provide even more valuable content to your loyal readers and new people looking for someone just like you.

    No longer is the Internet a fad.

    It’s a powerful medium replacing newspapers, magazines & TVs for many people – including future generations.

    Just think, people can d/l your “webinars” and digest at their time using their preferred format, i.e. audio (podcast ~ ipod), video (podcast ~ YouTube), text transcript w/ images, etc.

    Hope this helps you, Barry.


    P.S. By the way, don’t discuss the value of free (quality) content. You might be amazed to discover all the money-making opportunities available when you create and distribute quality content. :) For me, this was a revolutionary discovery…this so-called “raising the freeline” concept seriously challenged my biz acumen until I experimented.

  22. contrarian says:

    I’m sorry, in my “ps” I typed “discuss” when I should’ve typed “dismiss.”


  23. putbuyer says:

    As a techie and someone who does of lot of Sony Vegas editing, I can tell you that all you need to do,
    is create 2 or 3 internships with the local college and get those kids doing it for you. Pay them whatever. They will love to put something on their resume as well as get the experience.

    You would be surprised to find out how good these kids are. The only other constraint is the quality of the camera. Buy a good one. It’s much cheaper than you think and you will have full editing control – having the students in your place.

    From a marketing perspective, don’t charge right away – or ever. Max K. and Denninger do not. All you have to do is change your ad placements on your pages – they are horrible currently. Distance that top banner from the top headline. Do like Zerohedge and make your site “clean” (don’t be hate’n) – you have too much clutter. Clean your closet. LOL. I have done a lot of web programming – know my stuff. I’m in real estate now, but still toy around here and there.

    In all the time I have been reading your sight, this post is the one that prompted me to register. Peace brother

  24. jacobsk says:

    agree with crucialtaunt

    I watch TWIT.TV a lot. Leo uses Skype for all of the remote interviews. He’s profitable. He mentioned that they have plans to open a NewYork studio in the buiding that houses the Squarespace for broadcasting morning shows on TWIT.

  25. TripleB says:

    Charles Kirk does Q&As (but not in video format) of investors/traders that I find informative:

    also when I was trading on a more consistent basis I found Dave Landry’s weekly videocasts (basically him on audio, flipping through charts) really useful. And it was free!

    So there’s a lot of good stuff out there already; I come to this blog for the great commentary/insight, and am not sure the time and effort of videocasts would be a huge value add.

  26. dss says:

    I didn’t like the idea until I read the format. The format is something I would be interested in seeing. Has to be done well.

  27. Transor Z says:

    Why are you doing this when you get so much exposure on other people’s production dimes now and can just link to the video/audio? You already provide a lot of A/V content of yourself on the blog.

    But what you HAVEN’T done is have any more interviews with that really hot chick from a year or two ago. That’s a problem. :-)

  28. lalaland says:

    If Rosie and Ratigan are the kinds of guests you will host don’t do it. Nothing against them, but they are media figures, and we have enough exposure to them.

    I remember watching something you did with Jonathan Miller from Matrix; if you had that kind of guest – interesting, with something to add about your core interest, then sure.

    my $.02

  29. alligalloo says:

    Do it like John Authers’ ShortView video segment on FT (he does not do it anymore). 3 min. tops but lot of charts and graphs with audio overlay. Happy to pay reasonable $$.

  30. secular bear says:

    I don’t see any added value. You are a blogger and a writer, keep doing what you do best.

    Who needs yet another video with Rosie or Ratigan? They are already there when I open my TV [figuratively speaking, who needs a TV?].

    Do you think they keep their best ideas just for you?

    Hey, why not making a regular podcast, with the best minds in economics, and bring an excellent interviewer like Tom Keene, you can even make it daily. Oh, there’s one. It’s called Bloomberg: On the Economy.

    Look, sorry it sounds so negative, but I wouldn’t spare a minute on it, not to mention a dime. I prefer to put money in money-making services [for example, Fusion IQ], not in opinions which we have all over the place.

  31. DougD says:

    Skip the video. I would establish a reputation with a free audio blog first. I download MP3s for download into my phone, which I then play in the car on my commute to and from work. I have lots of audio time, but precious little time for watching videos. By doing audio, not video, I think you would reach a broader audience like me who have their phone with them everywhere, but might not be video capable.

    As an example, two of my favorites podcasts are:

    1) Eric King.

    2) Alex Jones Show.

    Both of these podcasts are free. Eric King tends to interview guests with a financial slant, and his broadcasts have no ads/commercials. Alex Jones tends to have more political talk radio and alternative news topics, and ads interspersed with the interviews.

    You should listen to both broadcaster’s podcasts, since I think you would get a good sense of audio formats that are proven and well accepted. They have a regular pattern to their interviews which works very well. Alex’s ad-subsidized mix of commercials and interviews, much like talk radio, would probably be better suited to your ‘business model’, since Eric’s model is basically free, even though he has some amazing guests on his show too.

    Best of luck!

  32. V says:

    Would be good to have extended interviews with some of the hedge fund guys, Einhorn, Chanos, Hendry as well as economists like Rosie, Gary Shilling etc, – basically any of the interesting guys who get 5 minutes on TV before being cut off as they have to go to those ultra urgent ad breaks.

    Maybe just start with a couple of interviews when the opportunity arises rather than be locked into a schedule. I think either format would work, the chart materials can always be posted on Big Picture. I think video can be overrated, guys like Tom Keene (Bloomberg) and Russ Roberts (Econtalk) do quality shows, maybe people are more relaxed with no cameras around.

    I agree with your three points on the interview style, it would be good to gain some insight into how these guys think and process information etc, rather than what they are necessarily thinking.

    To keep a lid on costs, Cramer may have some spare toys for sound effects lying around …

  33. 777george says:

    Mr. R,
    Do it, Do it, Do it!
    Do you remember the old TV show “Firing Line”, with William Buckley? I didn’t like his politics but it was REAL. He had friends, and he had enemies. I’d love to see you cross examining people such as Blankfein, or their toads.
    As per above I am certai that 5K is an overly pessimistic estimate on costs, and I LIKE talking heads and feel that much more info can be conveyed via video. It is a lot easier to see liars squirm on live video and on the plus side positive attributes can be visualized as well, and so can charts graphs etc. Audio can be pulled of f of the video.
    Face time (FAME) is a perceived value for many interviewees. Even if they feel you might be a tough customer, the arrogant ones usually feel they are untouchable and they would accept invites anyhow (Imagine grilling Geithner!).
    Use interns sure, just don’t let them run anything serious, a professional needs to be in charge. You can run a 2 minute delay for censoring, and editing, and DON’T TAKE CALLS! Take emails or texting instead if it is live. Real time phone cons can be trouble! Use a researcher to back yourself-up with detailed info. USe the researcher to suggest many questions based on info you can pick or not.
    As suggested, Get Big, Get a Real Audience, then look for the investment to start producing a monetary return. 3 part fomat is good, Rukeyser was good, or a mix of formats in rotation can work as well. Please don’t have four people on screen at the same time yelling at each other (UGH, what a waste of time)


  34. Peter G. says:

    I like the idea, Barry.

    Came across a cool presentation of streaming vid and synced charts/media on the UK’s Royal website.

    They use something called: Datpresenter (?)

    I’d prefer a stacked format for any presentation layout, ’cause I usually move streaming vid off to the side as I carry on with the daily search for lol cats.

  35. nertopia says:


    Do it… It’s just a different media… but you know how to handle being onscreen, audio and keeping it interesting. It adds another dimension to what you provide… But I suggest you make it free and sell advertising… Read or listen to Free: The Future of a Radical Price by Chris Anderson for some ideas.

    It would be great to load you up on my iPhone/iPad and listen/watch as I travel. No need for an net connection and I could time shift you to meet my schedule which is another major plus of the Podcast/iTunes distribution method. Got for it!

  36. Greg0658 says:

    good luck on the project .. I don’t think I’d pay for stuff cause I’m not into trade’g / just whats happen’g generally / I don’t have to pay for that / ‘cept thru broadband and a local newspaper

    I thought about the equipment side a little .. we live in 2 different markets but .. live or taped makes a difference in equipment needs at the editing into a mix view .. cameras, tripods, dollies, mics, lights would be same same .. I guess if your start’g fresh (SD / HD) its probably HD all the way (otherwise its a used world) .. but digital either way and 3chip cameras are the standard .. tapeless capture in studio is the way to go (tapes can have bug flaws from the factory – digital bug is way worse than a analog bug)(& hds can crash) – probably save to a computer embedded harddrive (check out drawer caddy units)

    if Live you need a digital mixer .. my VideonicsMX1 (4chan) is over 15 years old and still tick’g (remember SVHS) – those RadioShack $30 switches break the signal flow and create a jump .. if Taped a good software that lets you see multiple tracks stacked and a quick switch plan

    set – I see a space of > white/magnet board – 32″ or bigger flat screen (non glare LCD) – flip paper easel (maybe a Glen Beck chalk board for laughs) .. green screens need a seperate space .. cool desk space .. wrap around wall corners are nice (or a room wider than the view) .. you’ve been in the best / probably got this down

    lights – check out a blend of fluorescents and a 100w bare bulb incandescents for color temp balance

    content & TBP – do you think this couch & desk potatoe stuff is fadd’g out .. NOT (-;

    all that said I’ve seen wayway lower budget stuff on and is acceptable blog inserts

  37. Greg0658 says:

    ps .. maybe hire a sub-contractor for a quarter of year contract .. as a trial balloon

  38. torrie-amos says:

    fwiw, just as a content consumer, i’m satisfied with the whole financial picture, if one takes the time and effort, imho, 99% of it is out there, someone is doing it, and ala, i get it for just my labor

    you started you’re blog as a kind of “hmmm, this looks interesting thing”

    now, you are expanding you’re business, i’d be concerened if i’m not expending too much effort in the wrong direction……….and what would be in it for me……….the format you talk of, you already have that by being in the business and making contacts, etc.

    i’d also warn about what I call the experts dilemna……………let’s say you know 50 specific things that seperates you from the public, and all of your peers are somewhere on a sliding scale of either knowing those things, having heard of them, and being an expert on them

    it’s simply this, after being an expert for a long time, you end up coming to the conclusion that the top 3 things are really only all there is a need for 95% of time, the next 7 u must always be aware yet only play a role 3% of the time, and the other 40 items are important in total 2% of the time, but each one so randomly it’s one of those………oh it’s nice to know, and great to know in depth, yet, its so rare in it’s use and hard to determine when and where it’s developing……….etc.

    an example would be the financial mess, you can slice it fifty ways, yet, profit does not support debt, obviously you can talk about all the different things, yet, they all lead to the same road

    good luck

  39. debbiehartley says:

    I subscribe to about five paid-for services. My favourite source is the free King World News website, which I would pay big bucks for if they ever started charging – worth every penny. So what would I pay for a weekly podcast from you? Difficult to say until I see one, but people with far, far less expertise than you charge anywhere from $500/year to $2,000/year and more. The more expensive ones post commentary every day. How about $50/month for 4 weekly podcasts, payable and cancel-able quarterly. That would get you a fairly decent following, should pay for the cost of production, then you can increase it as word gets out. I’d sign up.

  40. wildebeest says:

    Regardless if this was free or for purchase, I’m asking myself what am I going to get that I don’t get on the blog. You mentioned a few things above and they sound interesting. For me the sort of thing I’d be interested in would be a podcast focusing on a single issue analyzed in depth, that may or may not include interviews. My jaundiced view of the mainstream media is that infotainment has replace investigative journalism. The blogosphere seems to be where you go for analysis these days but unfortunately most bloggers lack time and resources. So something that took the time to discuss an issue fully that you can listen to when convenient could be worth exploring.

    @JustinTheSkeptic re: The Jerry Springer idea. Could we have bouncers coming on stage to separate guests :)

    (BTW I stand corrected but I’m pretty sure TV stations never lost money underestimating the intelligence of the viewing public)

  41. ATB says:


    this is a ‘first blush’ of a Post that, I think, needs ‘time to settle’..

    from louis’ Post @ 20:01 :

    “was cool to hear the common man be educated,…”

    with what you have ” in your Mind’s ‘Eye’ “, and, given, the snippet above, I’d say: “Think about the *Economics of the proposition–Think about what it would mean to make the “Apprenticed Investor”-Series come to Life–Education, in “The Long Run”, is a tremendous Gift.

    You, with the advantage of the cohort that will assemble around you, have “what it takes” to be a sound Font of Deep Insight.

    and, to attempt to disjoint myself from ” egregious ‘Smoke-blowing’ “, note, from Transor Z, above, “what you HAVEN’T done is have any more interviews with that really hot chick from a year or two ago. That’s a problem…”

    to switch channels, note what Lindzen did with ~”Wall St. …”, see the unrealized beauty left in the, much touted, under delivered, Meme of “InfoBabe” (if thought necessary..).

    Personally, that which Instructs is that that Builds. Contra, the Current, it is that which will Serve to Illuminate, and, in that Light, enable those, with Eyes, to See.

    you’ll note that, in a sense/on a certain facet, I’m a poor Salesmen–often ‘overselling’ the iniative/proposal..

    yet, from a “Research Economist”, ‘I mean Well’… (:

    sinerely, I hope you ‘get the gist’/’are able to divine the vector’..

    for now, a simple ‘Hang Ten’ may be appropriate..

    at it’s simplest, I think ‘your Mind’s Eye’ sees Well, and Clearly.


  42. The idea makes sense, no?

    And while I whine about FIN TV, this is a chance to do something positive about it!

  43. Greg0658 says:

    see’g the Howard Stern comment I meant to bring that angle up .. one camera operator doing the zooms and pans and a set of cameras in medium & far shots to switch to in post .. ie the LasVegas wedding chapel approach .. I use that 2 or 3 cam style lots … and on pre-prep setup of chat and teleprompters – I’ve seen you do a great job winging it – are you sure of the talents of the folks you’d be getting day after day?

  44. The Window Washer says:

    If you keep it at the coffee/beer price of $5 to test the waters you’ll get a lot of people to give it a try.
    I vote no on Itunes.
    I’d do a VIP TBP though.

    I want at least one episode where you’re in bee keeping gear with Shilling, sitting at a table surrounded by beehives.

  45. hayek says:

    Barry, I remember listening to you on Russ Roberts “EconTalk” a few months ago to discuss your book.

    His format of Q&A with guests works great in my opinion, perhaps you could work a similiar format or just gang up with him and do a more frequent session and have charts and links to talking points lined up ahead of time so people can view them as they listen.

    I’m happy with the current content you provide but would take as much more as you can give!

  46. globaleyes says:

    BR practically invented the term INFOTAINMENT so I hardly think we’re ready for BR-TV..! Besides, he gets plenty of airtime already, right?

    BR: Grow the editorial side, sure, that’s what great writing is all about – but leave the production to others.

    subscriptions: in 2010 nobody wants to add a new bill, you’d become The Napster of blogging.

  47. Most people have already said what I’m thinking here but I was writing down thoughts as I was reading through. Much is a reiteration but there are some extras so here goes:

    First off, this will be a huge time sink. Do you think you can get value for your time? Especially with some of your speaking engagements. You might want to think about maybe bringing in guest host if this becomes popular so as not to break your listener’s habits

    Speaking of time, what does the wife think? Respect her opinion…..most!

    Many of us wonder how you do this blog. Adding to that burden would be amazing. Does this mean you guys in finance really never do any work? ;)

    It makes real the quote by Lucille Ball: If you want something done ask a busy person to do it ;)

    I agree with some of the posters on audio only. That way you could shop it to radio stations or even buy some time to build up your brand either locally, in small markets or in markets where your offices currently reside. Since you have the blog you could push them in that direction. You’d be surprised at how many folks are looking for something to listen to Sunday’s at 4 – 7 A.M. Since those folks also don’t have time to watch the markets too closely, you would be a welcome bit of information/education for them. Especially since you cut to the chase. Just remember, older folks are usually up early in the morning, even on weekends and they are flush with cash!

    It seems you are going for the conceptual/philisophical side of investing with your guests. You don’t really need visual for that.

    Bottom line for me would be: Is my time worth it? What is the objective I am trying to achieve and will this help me to do it?

    And finally, from a spiritual standpoint. You are Jewish. If you want it to be blessed, honor the Sabbath and don’t tape or run it on that day

    And finally finally. You better start paying for this crowd sourcing man. We built you! ;)

  48. patient renter says:

    I like the idea of covering the topics you mentioned and I definitely think there’s some unexplored areas there. My only concern is as other have mentioned, how to pull it off without it appearing like another talking head. If you can sort that out, I’d definitely give it a go.

  49. Transor Z says:

    Barry, in all seriousness. I liked Torrie-Amos’ comment above.

    Here’s an idea: pitch a financial round-table forum idea to PBS. Apply for some grants to executive produce and moderate the show. Be your irreverent everyman self in a format like Fred Friendly used to do out of Columbia.

    But for goshsake, please don’t just offer more same-old-same-old. I love Rosie but there’s plenty of him already. But I have NEVER seen a television financial discussion forum in which, for example, the host brings fund managers and psychologists and authors together for an hour to discuss the perils of cognitive biases in the markets.

    I would love to see you NOT do “CNBC but better” but do something even more substantive with archival value that students of this period in history can take out 50 years from now. You’re a born teacher and provocateur, it comes across loud and clear. Do your own thing. It could be awesome.

  50. “I would want to hit 3 segments every interview:

    1) Career path: How did you become ____ ? School, early jobs, mentors, etc. That is a fascinating area no one discusses much.
    2) Methodology: How do you do your job? What do you look at? There are 10,000 ____s, what do you do that is special?
    3) Where are we now in the market/economic cycle? Future expectations”

    That’s the outline I use. I’ve interviewed you, Ratigan, Rosner, Whalen, and over 100 others in that format. It’s been popular for a very limited niche of people who are willing to spend the time — basically, the Charlie Rose crowd.

    Over the past year we’ve noticed people abandon the long form content sooner and sooner. IMHO, this phenomenon continues as attention spans on the web shrink as a result of too many competing cool things to read/see in one day.

    With that said, I’ve always said you should have your own show. Content is king, and you’ve got good content.

  51. One more point: I started my interview series with the thought “The Charlie Rose of Wall Street.” Then Bloomberg picked up Charlie and he’s covered a ton more finance stuff since.

    Begs the value add question.

    Obviously, the best show you could do would be an extension of your blog. But that begs the “what will the investors say?” question.

    As my wife says, these are all good problems to have ;)

  52. mbelardes says:

    I didn’t skim the comments but my honest opinion is,

    Audio/Video stuff is a total waste of your time.

    The blog is great because I can spend time reading them and evaluating themselves. I can look over the charts and follow up on links.

    Audio/Video is a 3 minute blurb that is loses value immediately after it’s over. I’ve looked up posts of yours again and reread them. Rarely have I watched even the best videos twice. I retain less from the video. Most of it is opinion or analysis and that can change by the day.

    I just don’t see a need to spend the time and money on something like this when you can let Yahoo Tech Ticker and others just invite you on their show and then provide a link.

  53. creon says:

    Submitted on 2010/06/06 at 8:20am

    The more I read your stuff, the more I’m amazed you have clients.
    Then again, Madoff had lots of clients.


    BR: What exactly is it that amazes you? Was it avoiding the 2000 crash (All cash January 2000), getting bullish in October 2002? The bullish oil and gold call in 2002? Staying long through 2007 (even tho I despised the macro environment), missing the 2008-09 crash, getting bullish in March 2009, avoiding the major pullbacks since then, or going all cash on May 5th of this year? Was it identifying the housing/credit crisis before most of Wall Street? Criticizing derivatives before it was fashionable? Identifying problems in BLS inflation and employment data 5 years ago?

    Hey, why don’t you disclose your performance, make market calls publicly in real time, do some form of economic analysis, or otherwise put your neck on the line?

    Or are you simpy, a douche? I assume you are a coward, like most anonymous haters. Well, as per our terms of use, you are now a little less anonymous.

    Be sure to come back and comment again soon.

  54. Sanjay Bigglesworth says:

    Barry – look at what the SportsGuy does on ESPN.

    He absolutely crushes it in terms of using social media. His podcasts are funny and with very eclectic guests.

    It’s what you should do.


  55. Mike in Nola says:

    I was going to suggest checking out, but crucialtaunt beat me to it. Leo Laporte is an old tech broadcasting pro who does a dozen or so podcasts, doesn’t charge for them (asks for donations and has ads) and manages to pay for it and, I assume, makes a few bucks.

    His programs are all high quality. He distributess them both through iTunes and RSS feeds as well as direct download from his site. He has both audio and both low and high quality video. He also has a live feed going durning the recording of the shows. I subscribe to a couple his shows and listen to them. As those who know me around here could guess, I don’t do iTunes, so I probably wouldn’t subscribe, but you are well known enough and iTunes is big enough that it might be self supporting.

  56. Mike in Nola says:


    One last comment as the thread seems to be dying. You might want to look into contracting out the production and editing, maybe to some like Leo who already has it down pretty pat and has permanent employees who do that work. No sense reinventing the wheel. And probably cheaper.

  57. onaroll says:

    Check out if you want to see what I believe is a successful interview blog. He does long interviews of Internet entrepreneurs and has a good community.

    Granted, he uses Skype, but I’m fine with low production values if the product is cheap for me. My notes on the site say his setup changes often and as of several months ago he was using (on a Mac): Skype, Call Recorder by Ecamm, ScreenFlow, Blue Snowball mic, CamTwist and Audio Hijack Pro.

    Why not start with an inexpensive setup like this, throw a couple of interviews onto the existing blog and get some reaction?

  58. dougg says:

    For goodness sake don’t do a V-Blog. We see you enough on YouTube. What I would like is some in-depth interviews in audio that I can listen to while I am working.

  59. Greg0658 says:

    why .. do you need more revenue / work load / different mashing from bloggers / exposure for free beer ..
    kidding off ya right no .. good luck spreading around activity .. theres not enough to go round in these endeavors – what makes markets – no

  60. WaveCatcher says:

    I watch very little info-tainment video. When I need information, I prefer Text + Graphs.

    I can consume much more by reading than watching video. Video is too time consuming and too sequential, difficult to skim for interesting content.

  61. vine2wine says:

    Here are my observations as to why I choose to read your blog and am not so keen on video or podcast:

    Blogging is a two way street and you do it very well. You give great personal insight, leave room for comment AND respond to comments (this is priceless). I am not in the finance industry in any way and me going to see you at a graph porn seminar are highly unlikely. However, the nuggets you do throw out there are thought provoking for me as an investor and just all round curious human being as to some of the mechanics of economics….you also throw in some humor too which is cool.

    Cons to the video
    - While doing video may keep or add some new users, there is so much content out there already that is available in this interview Q&A format. Personally, I am so numb to seeing interviews and “insight” in a 5 minute segment that getting info out from that is pretty close to nil.

    This video thing, while it may sound cool, sounds like bullshit for me. My meter is going off and it really seems more ego driven than actually providing more prudent info than what you already give us.

    How do you feel about being an interviewer for well polished interviewees?

  62. kaleberg says:

    Why? What is the point of video, or even audio for that matter? Spend your time and money on the content of your message, not on a new medium. If nothing else, the production time will cut the time you spend doing the good stuff that helped you acquire your reputation and your following.

    If you are trying to get more money, you might consider developing things that people would pay to follow. For example, you often post charts and notes about interesting financial events and trends, then we don’t see them updated for months or even years. You might even sell access to them as iPhone or Android apps, as well behind a paywall on your website.

    You have an uncommon voice. Concentrate on being uncommon.

  63. ferter says:

    prefer to record Skype with IMCapture for Skype (