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Virgin Links

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On June 1, 2010 @ 4:00 pm In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

Ok, not quite virginal — but I am on Virgin America, which has WiFi on their planes, so the travel day isn’t a total loss.

I am over the Rockies as I type this, and the ski trails and mountain tops are still snowy white, despite the June 1st date.

Here’s what I have been whiling the hours away with, winging westward:

• Greece urged to give up euro (UK Time [1]see also ECB warns of ‘hazardous contagion’ (FT [2])

• Sorkin: Answers on Credit Ratings Long Overdue (NYT [3])

Well, which is it?
. . . . . -Beijing in a sweat as China’s economy overheats  (Telegraph [4])
. . . . . -China economy slows on tightening and seasonal factors (Reuters [5])

• Spill wipes $23 billion off BP (Reuters [6])

• Shorting Reform  (Michael Lewis [7])

• In 1979, Less Complicated Oil Leak Took 10 Months To Stop (TPM [8])

• The Impact of the Irrelevant on Decision-Making (NYT [9])

• How Craig McCaw Built a 4G Network on the Cheap (BusinessWeek [10])

• How to Reboot Your Sleep Cycle (LifeHacker [11])

• Apple’s Lesson: Be Cool With Capital  (WSJ [12])

• WikiLeaks Founder’s Mission: Total Transparency (The New Yorker [13])

• 7 mega-engineering projects by Shimizu (Pink Tentacle [14])

Finished watching Inglorious Basterds (eh) and now I am going to attack season 1 of Mad Men (I never saw a single episode!).

Any other linkage worth mentioning?

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