Fascinating little Google Maps mash up allows you to place the BP Oil spill over any city. I tried a few, but San Francisco and NYC drove the size home the most impressively.

In NY, it covers all of the city, and huge parts of NJ, Connecticut and Long Island:


The San Francisco Bay area is a pretty big space, and the spillage dwarfs it:

Hat tip Carl

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14 Responses to “Visualizing the BP Oil Spill”

  1. ps_fedex says:

    I think you missed GoldmanSax. :)

  2. dsawy says:

    The San Francisco bay area isn’t that large a place.

  3. Good use of maps, Barry. If shifted a bit to the east, the NY/NJ overlay shows a spume extending from the Hudson to outer side of Cape Cod, ie. the entire coastline of Conn., Long Island, Rhode Island and the southern side of Massachusetts and all the islands. Will anything be learned from this? That it is happening in 2010 indicates not.

  4. sawb24 says:

    Being in Europe, I tried this out against some more local locals. It’s about the size of Switzerland, or the Netherlands, so far.

  5. bsneath says:

    Not to minimize the potential threat of this spill if, or more likely when, a tropical storm/hurricane brings it onto shore, but to date, the actual damage has not been nearly as great as is being portrayed in the news. Little of the spill has reached the coast line and that which has, has had time to allow the most serious molecules in the chemical stew to evaporate, leaving an ugly but relatively benign residual.

    That said, if a hurricane blows the spill miles on shore, the ecological damage will be catastrophic beyond imagination.

  6. V says:

    Do you expect this spill will alter the fundamentals of the US consumers relationship with oil?

    I find the media and political response to the GoM spill fascinating when compared to how much everyone is aware of this:

  7. constantnormal says:

    Just imagine how large it will be by August … or January.

  8. lalaland says:

    If only you could get the ‘tongue’ of the slick aligned to cover long island – would be perfect, in so many ways. Also worth noting one of the biggest spills in US history was actually in Brooklyn, by standard oil, and it’s STILL being remediated…

  9. engineerd1 says:

    Even allowing for the fact that media whores inflate everything into a crisis, I do believe this the potential for being a significant economic and lifestyle hardship….Not the least because of its impact on our off shore drilling initiatives. The only silver lining for me is the fact that the the salvagable morons who blamed Katrina on Bush are now receiving a reality check… I say the salvageable ones…. there are millions, including the entire MSNBC lineup, who are already blaming this on Bush. I am still waiting for the theory that big oil did this on purpose to hurt obama….and drive up prices…. In fact, I invite you all to google for it… I would be surprised (though I have not checked) to find that the blogosphere had not anticipated me….but when will it surface on uberman?

  10. bear_in_mind says:

    Great visuals, Barry!

    @dsawy: 1) The Bay Area is larger than you think. More salient, if Barry had shifted the spume to the right, it would reach from San Francisco all the way to Lake Tahoe, including a substantial area of the central Sacramento Valley to nearly Fresno. That’s a massive swath of real estate.

    @dsawy: 2) Thanks for the beowulfe link! If you enter “Angels Camp, CA, USA” into the left text box, then click the ‘Move the Spill’ button, you’ll get another perspective of how much of central CA would covered with toxic oily goo.

    Lastly, the nearly 1,000,000 gallons of toxic dispersants (derived largely from petroleum distillates) keeping oil suspended in underwater plumes are not a free lunch. I suspect this attempt to mitigate surface oil is going to wreak untold havoc in the Gulf ecosystem.

    And poor BP CEO, Tony Hayward, says, “I want my life back.” Mr. Hayward, try telling that to the families of the eleven men and women whose lives were sacrificed due to BP’s short-cuts. Criminal charges, anyone?

  11. plm128 says:

    if you look closely you can see that it would just cover the state of New Jersey … which makes sense

  12. cewing says:

    “I am still waiting for the theory that big oil did this on purpose to hurt obama….and drive up prices…. ”

    You’ll be waiting a while, because only a politically motivated chatterbox looking to pick a fight would support such an monumentally stupid idea. “Hey, guys, let’s give up billions in profits and public goodwill so we can stick it to Obama!” Highly improbable.

    And while I’m sure Bush didn’t seep-sea dive into the gulf and poke a hole in that pipe himself, his pro-oil energy policies and hands-off stance with regulation and safety certainly helped set the stage for something like this to happen.

  13. stevonjohn says:

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