Via Visual Economics, comes this info-porn on Goldman Sachs:


click for big ass graphic

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5 Responses to “What Up with Goldman Sachs?”

  1. Braden says:

    Take some time off, Barry. You’re repeating yourself.


    BR: Doh! I knew I liked, just not that much!

  2. Cynic_FA says:

    Nothing new here. Just a follow on to the article early in the week that said more people hate GS than BP. And, to correct a factual error in the graph: GS did not screw Greece, that would be perverted.

    GS provided the rope and the Greeks climbed up on the chair by themselves for the hanging.

    And these graphics aren’t even that cool. For really cool, you need to play with the interactive map of where people are moving from and moving to.

  3. b_thunder says:

    I suggest that on the matters of Goldman Sachs, one should stick to Matt Taibbi’s writings

  4. [...] Goldman Sachs: Visual Economics puts the Wall Street firm under the microscope. (H/T to Barry Ritholtz) [...]

  5. hammerandtong2001 says:

    There’s nothing wrong with learning something twice.